28 Jan Things You Should Know Before Moving to Alaska

Are you thinking about moving to Alaska? The 49th state of America is renowned for its natural beauty. Many people have this state on their bucket list of places to see before they die. If you are thinking about relocating to Alaska, you need to know what you are getting yourself into before you start packing.

Here are some things that you need to know before relocating to Alaska:

It is Very Beautiful

No matter how long you plan to stay in Alaska, you will never really get used to how beautiful it is there. Even people who have lived there their whole lives are always being surprised by how stunning the place is. The snow-covered mountains and pink alpenglow will astound you every time. Even if you are moving to this cold region for a job and not the sights, you will still recognize its beauty.

The Cost of Living is High

In Alaska, you will find that the cost of living is higher than in most states. The reason for this is that many items have to be shipped there at a high cost. This makes grocery shopping quite expensive, especially if you live off the road. If you want to avoid spending that much on groceries, you should fish in the summer.

Most Parts of Alaska are not on the Road System

As the biggest state in the union, Alaska is mostly accessible by boat or plane. Unless you want to spend most of your money on travel or you own a plane/boat, you will not see everything in the state. Alaska transport is quite complicated, but you should find a way to get out of your region.

For instance, if you are moving to Southeast Alaska, make sure that you visit Anchorage or Fairbanks.

The Northern Lights

Depending on where you live, it might be harder to see the Northern Lights, but you should definitely make an effort. If you reside in an urban area such as Anchorage where there is a lot of light pollution, you need to drive to a darker area to see the aurora borealis. In most cases, you need to sleep late or wake up early if you want to see the lights, but it will be worth it.

Go to the Alaska State Fair

Held annually in Palmer around Labor Day, the Alaska State Fair is a big deal. Vendors from most parts of the state sell their wares and musicians from out of town come for outdoor events. This splendid event is worth experiencing at least once after relocating to the state.

Daylight Changes are No Joke

During the winter, you will find that the nights are long, but shorter during the summer. Depending on where you move to, you might experience the Sun coming up in spring and going down in the fall. In the summer, you can even bask in the Sun at midnight. If you suffer from seasonal depression, you need to have a coping mechanism once you move to Alaska.

Learn Basic Bear Safety

Living in Alaska comes with many risks, such as frostbites and avalanches. If you are planning to do a lot of backpacking and hiking, you will also come across bears. Although they usually avoid humans, you should take some time to read up on how to behave in the event of a confrontation with a bear.

People Dress for the Weather

After moving to Alaska, you will not have to worry about the latest fashion trends. The residents usually dress for the weather even if it means wearing winter boots to fancy restaurants.

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    Hey Victoria! I truly admire your courage to go out and explore the world. Thanks for sharing this amazing tips for living in Alaska. I wish I can do the same one day and travel the world. Take care!

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