Things That Can Void Your Travel Insurance Claims

Travel insurance can be one of the things that can afford you peace of mind while you are travelling abroad. But, that does not mean you are completely free to take unnecessary risks and do silly things. 

You could possibly buy the most extensive insurance cover available, but there will still be a few situations where you might be held accountable. Being informed about all these situations before you travel can help you avoid having a claim rejected later on. We have put together a list of some of the situations that could possibly void your travel insurance claim.

Not Declaring Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Generally, your insurer provider will ask you about any possible pre-existing medical condition. This is done so that they can provide you adequate cover and also to determine if you are eligible to be covered under the policy. 

It is encouraged to be honest with your insurance provider. This is so because, any claims regarding a previously undisclosed condition might lead it to be void. There is simply no point in spending money on a policy that you are going to be eventually ineligible for. 

You can also consider other specialized policies that may cover your particular medical condition. They may be a little more expensive than other alternatives in the market, but it is better than spending a fortune for a claim that may be considered void. 

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

It is understandable that you might want to have fun on your vacation, and perhaps you might have a little too much to drink. So, what happens if you lose your bag or hurt yourself while you are under the influence?

Most insurance companies consider this to be the cardinal sin. Providers don’t take kindly to claims for events that happened to you after drinking.  Any such claims could be considered void by your insurance provider. 

Even if you somehow do manage to prove that drinking had nothing to do with the incident, it may be a long time before your claims request is approved. One thing you could do to avoid such situations is to drink responsibly. Just because you are insured, it doesn’t mean you can get drunk and be reckless, always be careful with your belongings.

Flying off to Potentially Unsafe Destinations

There are certain places considered unsafe to travel according to the government. Regardless of how much you want to, if you travel to a place that is on the list, your claim might be considered invalid.  You can find this list of countries on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

This list also contains places that are affected by natural disasters at the time. So, whenever in doubt, it is advisable to check the list to see if you will be covered in case something happens during travel.

If an Act of Terrorism Occurs

Generally, most insurer providers do not provide cover for any losses that may have occurred due to an act of war or terrorism. Even though that may be the least of your concerns, if you get injured in such events, you will not be covered. 

So, the best thing to do would be to get on the first flight back home before things start getting worse. The money you’ve spent on your hotel room and travel should be the last thing you think about.

Getting Into a Fight

There is a difference between being a victim of violence and willingly getting into a fight. Insurance providers know the difference very well. If you actively pick up a fight with someone and injure yourself in the process- you’re on your own. 

We understand that there are certain situations you can’t do anything about, and you might get caught between violence that you have no part in. Unfortunately, your insurer provider may consider that you willingly got involved in the fight, and negate your right to a claim.

We would advise you, try your best to stay out of trouble. In fact, you should just leave even if you get the slightest hint of trouble brewing.

If the Claim is a Result of Anything Illegal

The title should be self-explanatory. If your claim is a result of something illegal or fraudulent done by you or a person accompanying you, it is likely that your claim will be considered void. 

It is understandable that you may harmlessly break a law, just due to plain ignorance. So, it is always a good practice up on the laws of the place that you are travelling to so that you don’t do anything unlawful, unwittingly. 

If You are Traveling for a Medical Procedure

Some insurers generally do not provide cover if the sole purpose of your travel is a medical procedure. Claims for possible situations arising out of them will be considered void by your provider, e.g. if there is a complication in your surgery or extra hospitalization is needed as a result of the procedure.

It is advisable to get in touch with your broker and choose a plan that provide adequate cover in the case of medical tourism. 

Lacking Proper Documents While Making a Claim

There are a number of documents that are associated with making an insurance claim. Generally, the most common documents required along with the claims form are bills, copies of tickets, police report (for crime related claims), etc. 

It is better to go through the terms and conditions of your policy and be ready with the required documents beforehand. If all the required documents are not provided along with the claims form, there might be a delay in the process. In some cases, insurers also might reject the claim citing lack of proper proof.

If you have any doubts about what documents are needed, it better to contact your insurance provider. An insurance agent can help you with a detailed step by step approach on how to make an insurance claim.

Improper Completion of Insurance Application

One of the most common reasons for most claims rejection is improper filling of the form or lack of information. Having said that, this is why it is advisable to apply for claims with your broker rather than doing it yourself online. 

You can generally avoid mistakes while filing your form, if you read every question very carefully. Another thing that you should do is to try and answer every question as accurately as you can. It is also a positive to read your application carefully before you turn it over, this way you can catch any mistakes you may have made while filling the form.

Further, if you fail to disclose a medical condition and they find something in your reports, the providers might reject your application on the grounds of misinterpretation. Unfortunately, your claim might be rejected even if the pre-existing condition has nothing to do with the reason you are filing a claim right now. 

It is important to know all these things that might have your claim rejected later on.  Reading your terms and conditions of the policy offer might help you understand these better. But in short, it is advised not to be reckless and take unnecessary risks. Drinking beyond reason and getting into fights are something that insurance companies frown upon.

Further, it is advisable to research the place you are planning to visit, as there might be clauses in your policy that void your claim in accordance with certain places. Last but not the least, it is always better if you stay prepared while making a claim. By being prepared, we mean that you should have all documents ready to go. Copies of receipts, flight tickets, medical bills, etc. are some of the things you should take care of

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