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15 Jul The World’s Largest Casinos

Fortunes are known to be made or lost in casinos. Some people say that the moment step in a casino you can feel lady lucky enter with you or not. Is the feeling similar when you step into the biggest f the biggest casino? For gamblers who love traveling around for business or just spending a fortune they worked hard for, it will be totally unfair if you do not treat yourself to the world’s largest casinos services when you have the ability to. Be it in America, Asia, Europe or Africa, you can find some of the enormously built and majestically designed gambling casinos where you can try your gambling luck. Everything about the world largest casinos is BIG. Ranging from the buffets, the hotels associated winch are usually associated with , the gaming machines and even the customer service. The casinos boast of a real life gambling experience with luxury beyond imagination. These are places that offer than just gaming. But if you’re in search for something less luxurious, and way more comfortable you can gamble.

So, what are some of the world’s largest casinos? Here are some of 5 of the largest, and you can see the full list here.

The Venetian Macau in Macau, China

So far, this is the world’s largest casino lying on 546,000 square feet with over 4000 slot machines and 53 bars and restaurants. The casino is sister to Vegas’ Venetian, hence features similar Venice-inspired canal. It has a custom build theater for Cirque De Soleil shows with 15,000 seat indoor arena making able to host practically any type of event, but don’t forget to check online casinos New Jersey when you are around.

The Venetian in Macau offers players the most supreme and lavish gaming establishments ever across the world. There is access to high, medium and low stake machines and tables. Also, it is not limited to adults as it offers family friendly amenities.

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, United States

This is the second largest casino in United States. It is surprising the casino is not located in Las Vegas, right? Anyway, Foxwoods sits on 340,000 square feet and has over 7,000slots and table games! It has 40 bars and restaurants making it dynamic, enormous and all inclusive. There is much to do here that you can spend your entire holiday in Western Connecticut and fail to exhaust all it offers. The ambience is alienated by reflective brass, mirrors, and crystal and sprinkling. The casino is kept alive with favorites such as baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette.

Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp, South Africa

This is the biggest casino in the entire continent of Africa. It was bought and renamed from Tusk Rio Casino and Resort in2006. Upon absorbing a nearby hotel, it became so huge that it is one of the largest in the word. It sits on 266,330 square feet of land, houses 3 bars and restaurants with over 200 slot and table games

Casino Estoril in Lisbon, Portugal

Casino Estoril sits on 26, 900 square feet of land and houses 10 bars and restaurants with over 1200 slots and table games making it the largest casino in Europe. Besides a wide range of gaming slots and food menus, the casino is home to a nightclub, live music performances and an art gallery as entertainment after gambling.

Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia

When you visit Australia and feel like you want to gamble in one of the world largest casino, Crown is the place to be. The Casino stands on 220,000 square feet of land and houses over 50 bars and restaurants with up to 3000 slots and table games. It is home to actress Rachel Griffiths as she is the one who streaked the opening ceremony of the casino. Today, it is hailed as the one of the largest casinos on earth. According toทางเข้าสำรอง, it is also home of Poker Asia-pacific series and host to innumerable high profile galas and awards.

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