The Travelling Essentials you should Never go Without

Travel Essentials

Whether it is a month’s inter-railing around Europe or a world-wide trip for two years, you will need to pack a fairly hefty case or back pack to make your way from country to country. It can be difficult to decide what you should take and what to leave behind, especially if you don’t intend on lugging round several bulky bags, but there are a number of essentials that should never be left and you will be grateful for a few weeks in!

Hand Gel

No doubt you will be aiming for the way to travel which shows you the culture and the most amazing sights within the country you are going to. However, by travelling by bus or train can often mean that you are coming into contact with surfaces which haven’t been cleaned for a while and therefore are harbouring many germs. You may also be away from a source of water for a while (which isn’t guaranteed to be germ-free either) and therefore this will allow you to have clean hands before you tuck in to the local delicacy.

Backpack Locks

In a lot of countries throughout the world there are issues with pick pocketing, and this is always something that you should be careful of; tourists can often be a target. One way to make sure your possessions are as safe as they can when you are carrying around your large travelling back pack is to invest in locks. This way no one will be able to carefully unzip the pockets and take out your valuables. This could definitely be something you regret if you don’t so make it a priority. Plus make sure you actually use them or your efforts will be pointless!

Walking Socks

Hiking Montenegro

There are so many sights around the world that you will want to see and explore, but many of which will incur a lot of walking to and around. This can cause blisters and walking with open sores could ruin your visit to the Taj Mahal or Christ the Redeemer. Take specialised walking socks with you and appropriate footwear as unfortunately flip flops are unlikely to last you for a prolong period of time even though they will be great for tanning. Try H J Walking Socks, as they are proven to be highly beneficial to experienced walkers and travellers.

Water Filter Bottle

Especially if you are going on a trip which includes countries such as India, Egypt or Africa you will be aware that you should not drink the water as it could give you an illness which could make your trip pretty unpleasant – or even land you in hospital. However, even developed countries such as Greece and other European destinations are also included in this rule, and therefore instead of buying litre on litre of bottled water, take a water filter bottle with you and it could save you from illness as well as financial strife. It works by filtering out the dirt and contamination from the local water and you will be left with clean drinking water – all without bulky filtering equipment.

Bum Bag

During the day time when you are off sightseeing, the last thing you want is to be doing is carrying around your large backpack that is full of your belongings. Therefore having a bum bag will allow you to take with you the essentials such as money, maps and anything else you need for the day. Because the bag is at the front you are also far less likely to be pickpocketed. Ok, they may not be the most popular of items, but they’re slowly becoming a favourite and places such as New Look have fashionable options available.


This is without a doubt one of the most important items as you want to be able to show your friends and family what you experienced once you return. It will also allow you to admire the beauty of the places you have seen once the day is over and you can treasure your snaps forever. Invest in a camera which is unlikely to break if dropped or put in water by accident. Also take a number of memory cards so that you will never run out of space and also if one is accidentally wiped it is not every picture you have taken throughout your trip. Wi-Fi camera options are also available which can sync your photos to an online storage site (such as Dropbox), keeping your photos safe in the cloud!

Check Your Travel Essentials

Make sure that you always have your passport and visa are accepted within the period of your stay in certain countries. Should you have to apply for a passport or visa authorization in your travel destination of choice, you can always check out online application sites that may cover visa authorizations and more information about immigration rules etc. For examples of these kinds of reference sites, click here.

There are essential items that you should take, but the most important thing to carry with you is a sense of adventure. Enjoy the trip and embrace every experience!

This post was written by Amy Bennett on behalf of H J Socks, the sock makers since 1882.

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