The Top 5 Biggest Land Based Casinos in The World

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When it comes to land-based casinos, size does matter — and players are instinctively drawn by the largest gambling operators. There are many casinos worth considering if you’re interested in size alone, but these 5 stand out from the crowd. They are scattered around the world and provide players with a memorable experience the moment they step inside the premises. There is more than meets the eye about these operators and inside the glamorous locations, players will fully enjoy gambling sessions according to research from a popular online casino comparison portal.

WinStar World Casino

It comes as a surprise for many punters that the largest casino in the world is located in Oklahoma rather than Las Vegas. WinStar World Casino opened its doors back in 2003 and underwent a thorough process of innovation in 2009. With more than 600,000 ft.² and more than 5000 slots, it meets and exceeds the expectations of the most demanding players. The huge gaming space is intelligently divided, with more than 100 table games and a special bingo hall providing diverse forms of entertainment.

The Venetian Macau

One of the most iconic casinos in Las Vegas, the Venetian also has a counterpart in Macau. The Chinese have constructed a casino that is every bit as impressive as its American counterpart while being larger. The facility has in excess of 10,000,000 ft.², with more than 550,000 ft.² of gaming space alone. The Asian casino has the same owner as the American one, with more than 2000 slot machines and a massive selection of table games

MGM Cotai

The second-largest casino in Macau and the third-largest in the world, MGM Cotai is also one of the new ones. It opened its doors in 2018 and with just a bit over 500,000 ft.² of gaming space, it is a mammoth achievement. Easy to identify because of its original design, it welcomes players with a glamorous building but the best things waiting inside. It has more than 1500 slot machines and nearly 200 table games, so all expectations are met.

City of Dreams

Macau is also home to the fourth casino on the list, as City of Dreams was finished in 2009. At that time it was the largest casino in Macau, with more than 400,000 ft.² and in excess of 2000 slots and gaming tables. In addition to the casino, it also has a massive shopping facility, a few luxury hotels, and unique attractions that bring people to Macau, such as Bubble Fountain, Aquarium and Dancing Water Theatre.

Wynn Palace

Wynn Palace is the largest casino in the famous chain and it was built in Macau. It is just a little smaller than the aforementioned City of Dreams, with roughly 1000 slot machines and more than 350 table games. This is one of its best selling points, as Wynn Palace attracts high rollers who enjoy blackjack, baccarat and roulette action. It also has a five-star hotel with more than 1700 guests rooms.

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