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In the west of Germany lies a well-known fashion and cultural city, which many know as Dusseldorf. The metropolis is located directly on the Rhine and is one of the few Rhine towns Germany owns. On the eastern shore of the Rhine, the culturally lively old town extends. On the other side of the Rhine, in the western district of Dusseldorf, the modern business and commercial world can be found. If you are planning a holiday in Dusseldorf, you should bring enough time. Because not only the Rhine Tower would like to be visited in Dusseldorf, but also the numerous shopping possibilities are available. A glance at the diversity of the city quickly reveals that Dusseldorf has a lot to offer its visitors. One of the city’s most famous attractions is the Church of St. Lambertus and the Castle Tower, both located in the Old Town and dating back to the 13th century. What can be experienced in Dusseldorf everything should now be considered a bit more intense.

The top attractions in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is known for its culture and art. This is already evident in the architecture of the city. Because with a fancy architecture, the city is versatile. The Dusseldorf cityscape is characterized by different elements of tradition and modernity. A look into the city will therefore reveal many facets. Among the top attractions in Dusseldorf is the old Golzheimer cemetery. Although it is somewhat unusual to spend your time in a cemetery, you can find graves of famous contemporaries here. But not only can the graves of celebrities be admired here with the Escorts Dusseldorf, but also the garden architecture.

If you have already arrived as a visitor to architecture and culture, then the walk to the Heinrich Heine birthplace is a must. The property can be inspected today in the form of a museum. Heinrich von Heine was born in the rear building of the property.

If you’re on the Rhine then you can also use the Medienhafen as a detour. There are well-known architects who have shaped the cityscape in Dusseldorf with their art and their culture. Finally, the Rheinturm, which was built in 1979, should be admired. One can look at the Rhine tower directly from the Rhine promenade. It is a striking landmark of Dusseldorf city centre. The Rhine Tower characterizes the Dusseldorf scenery and is regarded as a fundamental landmark of the city.

Shopping in Dusseldorf

Those who have enough of the sights of the city and prefer to get to know the fashion-conscious sides of the Dusseldorf city centre should use the shopping streets in Dusseldorf. Here is the first to lead the Königsallee. Among locals, the Königsallee is also called Kö. It is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen. Numerous designer shops and famous brands can be found on the Königsallee.

In addition to the Königsallee, the old town in Dusseldorf is also a popular place for everyday shopping. The old centre of the state capital invites you to stroll in various fashion houses. Here you can find, among other things, individual shops that always provide surprises. If you would like to make a detour to City south, you can visit Friedrichstraße. Today, the southern part of the city centre runs from Friedrichstraße via the Bilker Arcaden to Unterbilk. Here you can find numerous fashionable shops and small boutiques.

If you come to Dusseldorf for shopping should also visit the trendy district. This district is known under the name Flingern. Especially young people live and thrill visitors. Many creative and alternative businesses can be found in the streets of this neighbourhood. The stroll through Dusseldorf is a nice change, to the normal sights. In Dusseldorf you will find, among other things, the well-known shops of various labels as well as numerous individual fashion shops.

Shopping in Dusseldorf for a comfortable stay

Dusseldorf is a city with many facets. This is reflected not only in the cityscape, but also in the cultural aspects that reveal themselves in this city. If you are traveling to Dusseldorf, you should always know that there is enough time for sightseeing. The Rhine Cities
offers its visitors a comprehensive collection of sights that are not only concerned with fashion and art. Although Dusseldorf is known as a fashion and art city, different leisure activities can be combined in the city. Thus, Dusseldorf is a place for the whole family.

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