The best ways to spend your Bitcoin in Vegas

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Over the past few years, Bitcoin and hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies have entered the market. Some are targeted at specific groups, for example, transactions within an industry or a geographical area. Some use other approaches. However, no matter what we call the generally accepted digital currency, the system is already established and working. Some predict that payments may soon be made via cryptocurrency exchange platforms without the need for human interaction, for example, between a smartphone and a car with automatic control. As you will see in this article, cryptos are widespread in car rentals, casinos, and other trades in Las Vegas.

Rent a Tesla Car and Drive Beneath the Sin City

Elon Musk, one of the world’s most famous investors and innovators, apparently invested more than $53 million to build a cutting-edge underground tunnel. The so-called “Loop” is located 12 meters below the ground, is almost 2.5 kilometers long, and has three stations.

Interestingly, there are no man-driving vehicles, but only Tesla cars piloted by special software. So, this whole thing works something like Uber, except that you need to go underground and let the site know where you are, all for a vehicle to pick you up. In addition, the system should integrate Bitcoin to make everything faster and more convenient.

Still, we need to wait a few more months to complete the project. Although this project looked like it came out of sci-fi movies, where vehicles go at 250 kilometers per hour, reaching the other end of the city in a minute, the reality is entirely different.

Enjoy Exotic Dance at The Legends Room

The famous Legends Room stands at the forefront of a rapidly growing movement. Opened by martial arts coach Nick Blomgren, the idea is that customers can visit their clubs in secret without their partners finding out; since cryptocurrency payments allow users to remain anonymous.

Since 2018, The Legends Room Club has enabled dancers to receive payments in Bitcoin. Visitors can scan the image with temporary tattoos in QR code format to complete the transaction. Considered the first club in the industry to receive encrypted payments, Blomgren does not rule out regular transactions but explains that customers who use cryptocurrency payments receive a 20% discount.

The owner also points out that the Legends Room Club has its currency called LGD. In the beginning, many customers used Bitcoins. Later, many of them became LGD supporters and wanted to use the money to see if they could buy anything at the club. However, no one indeed believed that such a club existed, as Blomgren recently stated.

Play Casino Games

Integrating innovative technology can be questioned for any modern business, and the gambling industry is topping the list. However, more and more Las Vegas venues now accept digital deposits and withdrawals. Also, as early adopters, they want rewards from such a privileged status. One of them is the famous Resorts World, a luxurious complex that combines gaming, shopping, and dining.

We must also state cashless wagering slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat as significant technological advancements. In addition, punters can benefit from a mobile crypto wallet and Dogecoin gambling options. They can also use RFID technology to track their records.

Resorts World in Las Vegas follows a popular Asian theme, even though located in the heart of the Nevada desert. Gambling fans have a chance to score on 1,400+ slot machines, to play poker, or 117 table games. Also, the technologically advanced resort features a sports book.

Make Secure Hotel Reservations

Closely related to the previous paragraph, the Resorts World is a venue where customers can rest and gamble. The establishment accepts Bitcoin and allows all visitors to pay for any service they offer – and we talk about an array of thrilling and exciting offers.

The complex combines three Hilton-affiliated hotels, including Las Vegas Hilton, Conrad, and Crockford. In total, there are 3,506 rooms with keyless entry. Guests can use smartphones to enter a room and call “Red”, a digital concierge. 

The mobile-friendly concierge is also benevolent towards cryptos. Accordingly, you can make a reservation, check in and out, or ask any questions about offered services at Resorts World.

Get Money at Bitcoin ATMs

Many technology enthusiasts want to use Bitcoin, and Las Vegas companies are trying to capitalize on that in any possible way. A growing number of trades in Vegas now accept alternative forms of payment. We talk about a win-win situation where modern businesses have nothing to lose. On the other side, they can achieve so much that way.

The use of cryptos in Vegas is not strictly limited to entertainment and casinos. The city and the area host a sizeable local crypto community. Also, various ATMs now make digital currencies available to tech-savvy clientele.

According to the most recent records, there are currently 11 different ATMs that accept cryptos. Those machines act as a two-way ATM that allows users to exchange USD to buy and sell cryptos. Moreover, let’s not forget the Bitcoin ATM by Mike Tyson. The former boxing champion is also an enthusiast and a successful businessman and recently entered the market. Together, they form a unique form of micro-exchange markets, bringing it closer to everyday people instead of initiated.


The example of Las Vegas explains how digital currencies can significantly influence the financial micro-ecosystem. In addition, companies benefit from innovative technology conveniences, as there are insignificant or no costs at all in the entire process.

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