The Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is an exotic, easily-accessible introduction to North Africa.  A quick ferry ride will get you there, as it sits less than 40 kilometres across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Its major cities lie within a two-hour flight of London.

Want to experience the best of what this country has to offer? Below, we’ll show you the best place where you can have an excellent Voyage Privé all-inclusive Moroccan holiday.


More than just a port of entry, Tangier is a culturally-rich city. On top of its Moroccan roots, its proximity to Europe has given it Spanish, Portuguese, and French influences. It’s also home to the American Legation Museum – the U.S. National Historic Landmark located on foreign soil. The designation recognizes ties between the two countries, as Morocco was the first nation to recognize America as an independent nation.

Tangier is also home to The Tomb of Ibn Battouta. The famous 14th-century Arabic traveller made his home here when he wasn’t exploring the world. As a fellow vagabond, pay your respects before moving on to your next destination in Morocco.    


Love the buzz of a lively market? Add Marrakesh to your list of Moroccan destinations. Its medina is famous the world over for its spice merchants, leather goods, and other handicrafts.

If you intend on bringing home souvenirs to friends and family, you’ll find plenty of great candidates here. Be sure to brush up on your haggling skills, though. Generations of merchants have been selling here – they know how to drive a hard bargain!

After shopping, relax amid the greenery of Jardin Majorelle. It was once the property of French artist Jacques Majorelle – as you walk through, its cacti, lazy palms, and flowers will set you at ease. The former villa is now home to a Berber Museum that contains artifacts and artworks.   


Home to medieval history, colourful markets, and Moroccan culture, Fez is another must-visit city. Chief among its attractions are its leather-dying pits. While the stench can be overpowering, their colourful appearance will make any suffering on your part worthwhile.

It is also home to the University of al-Qarawiyyin, the world’s oldest institution of higher education. Even if you aren’t here to study, its courtyard, doors, and arches are worth a peek.   


Formerly a hidden gem, the mountain town of Chefchaouen has risen to prominence in recent years. Its stunning blue and white-washed homes were tailor-made for Instagram – as such, it has become a much more popular destination.

When you aren’t snapping pictures of its doors and alleyways, go for a hike in the hills. Treks range from hours to several days but do check out the local waterfall. Residents and travellers alike go there on hot days to seek relief from the heat – join them!


Prefer bathing in the sea? Get in some rays and sea breezes in the coastal resort town of Agadir. Its main beach is wide and goes on for miles – finding space will not be an issue. If you are into surfing, several breaks offer fun rides for everyone from beginners to experts.

While Agadir is not culturally significant (its Old Town crumbled in a 1960s earthquake), it does have a market. Souk El Had lacks the timeless appeal of other medinas, you’ll find everything from tagines to traditional clothing here.   


Are you looking for a seaside holiday, but not the tourist scene found in Agadir? Head up the coast to Essaouira. Outside of the summer season, hardly anyone is around. Not only that, but it has what Agadir lacks – history.

Along Essaouira’s waterfront, you’ll find sea walls lined with restored cannons. Did you know its fortified Old City stood in for Astapor in HBO’s Game of Thrones? If not, add this destination to your list!     

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