The Best Places In The World To Visit On Cruises

You may want to celebrate a milestone in your life with an unforgettable cruise. Booking a cruise for an important vacation takes away the complications of having to plan every single detail of your trip. The travel agency has already planned everything for you — from the beautiful destinations to multiple countries, to the fantastic meals you’ll eat during the entire cruise, to the varied offerings of entertainment for you and your loved ones. 

Here’s a list of the best places in the world that you can choose from:

New Orleans, Louisiana

Treat yourself to the most colorful sights and sounds by taking cruises to New Orleans. You’ll surely have a lot of fun taking streetcar rides, visiting parks and churches, as well as spending the day in one of New Orleans’ beautiful parks. 

You’ll want to visit the French Quarter, dubbed as the Crown Jewel of New Orleans and rich in history. Stop by and tour the beautiful French Market, shop at modern boutiques and antique stores. Satisfy your cravings at old but well-known restaurants such as Antoine’s, Arnaud’s and Brennan’s. 

Towards dusk, take in the sights of the fortune tellers on Jackson Square and the imposing wall structures of St. Louis Cathedral. End the night with partying and drinking on colorful Bourbon Street. 

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is one of the places in the world with the most interesting biodiversity. All the mammals, birds, and reptiles you’ll find on Galapagos Islands are unique to the place, and you can’t find these at any other destination. Some examples of these beautiful creatures are the Galapagos tortoises, the Marine iguana, and the Sally Lightfoot Crabs. 

Exploring the marine wildlife would be a special experience, especially for scuba-certified tourists. Other options for water activities are kayaking, paddleboarding, taking a ride on glass-bottomed boats, or snorkeling. 

The weather on the Galapagos Islands is lovely and warm the whole year round and is just perfect for your relaxation and sightseeing. Get the chance to visit uninhabited islands with no manmade structures. All you’ll see are wildlife and unspoiled landscapes. 

Caribbean Islands

There are multiple reasons why the Caribbean is one of the most memorable cruise destinations in the world. It can be enjoyed in a number of ways, but the most obvious attraction is the vast amount of beaches to visit in this part of the world. 

Literally hundreds of beaches dot the landscape. Visit long and sweeping beaches or beautiful beaches tucked in between cliffs. Whether you prefer white sand beaches or volcanic rock, you’ll be sure to find happiness on the Caribbean islands. 

Aside from beach-hopping, there are multiple activities for you to choose from. You may dive and snorkel to explore the largest living thing in the West–the Great Maya Reef. Here you can appreciate the diverse species of tropical fish and corals. You may play golf, swim with dolphins, hike to view and swim at the waterfalls, and even take a history tour to visit Spanish colonial churches and buildings. 

Alaska Glacier Bay and Inside Passage

As the most popular cruise destination after the Caribbean, Alaska offers many unique and interesting sights for tourists. The vast variety of bays, glaciers, fjords, and valleys are sights to behold, especially if you’re a city dweller who’d like to see a different scenery from the usual. 

The unique experiences that you can try when you’re in Alaska include taking in the breathtaking scenery, glaciers, and visiting wildlife that can only be found in Alaska. All cruises go through the so-called Inside Passage, which threads through the maze of glaciers, mountains, fjords, and valleys.

Summer is the best season to take an Alaskan cruise when you can see the calving of glaciers in Glacier Bay and watch the grizzly bears, whales, and sea lions up close. A weeklong cruise may include an inland tour wherein you visit the state’s capital as well as other popular land destinations. 


Touted as one of the world’s most famous summer destinations, Hawaii is an overwhelming experience in terms of nature and biodiversity. You may explore the wide variety of natural attractions in Hawaii. From hiking on inactive volcanoes to visiting waterfalls, you won’t run out of outdoor adventures. 

If you want to relax and unwind, many beaches are available for tourists. You may visit open beaches where there are many locals and tourists, or you may seek out secluded beaches if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway. 

Going to Honolulu will show you the precious history and culture that Hawaii has to offer. You may visit the only royal palace in the United States — the Iolani Palace. You may also go to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. To further appreciate the history and art of the city, you may take a tour of the Honolulu Museum of Art. 


Reward yourself and escape city life from time to time in order to recharge your creative energies. Tick that famous tourist destination off your bucket list by booking a cruise. By choosing to go to one of the best places in the world on this list, you’re sure to have the time of your life and come back refreshed. 

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