The Best Casino Vacations Around the World for 2018

Admit it – you did not treat yourself with anything this year. But it is September already – you will be celebrating Christmas before you know it. Well, you have been working for over nine months now, and now you deserve to take a break.

If you are planning to take a tour around the world and you love casino games, we have prepared a route you might want to follow. Our route stretches from Las Vegas all the way to Macau and includes some of the world’s most extravagant gambling establishments. 

Best Casino Destinations: Las Vegas

Sin City is known all over the world as the Western mecca of gambling. True, there are many casino cities in the US, but Las Vegas stands out from the rest. The city boasts some of the world’s biggest and most profitable gaming establishments. 

Las Vegas welcomes all of its visitors with enormous neon lights and promises them endless hours of fun and entertainment. Las Vegas is the place where you can have the perfect gambling experience. Below, we have prepared two casinos we advise you to visit, but keep in mind that there are tens of big and reputable establishments you might want to check out. 

Bellagio, Las Vegas

As reported by the Bellagio is one of the signature casinos in Las Vegas and it is home to one of the most splendid fountain systems we have ever laid our eyes on. The casino’s building is designed by well-known businessman Steve Wynn and is among the more extravagant buildings in Vegas. What is more, the casino has been featured in a number of movies, the most famous of which undoubtedly is Ocean’s Eleven.

If you are a poker enthusiast, Bellagio is the casino you should visit – the casino hosts Wold Poker Tour events on a regular basis. Further, the establishment boasts several gaming rooms, such as the 40-table poker room titled The Game and the high stakes gaming room called Bobby’s Room. The gaming tables in Bobby’s Room come with a handsome buy in, and pots regularly exceed $1 million. 

In addition, Bellagio is home to more than 2,000 slot machines and a number of high class restaurants and fashion boutiques. 

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Opened in early 1993, the MGM Grand Las Vegas is another great casino you should definitely visit during your Las Vegas stay. MGM Grand boasts the largest hotel in the USA, too, its building is tall a staggering 89 metres. 

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is unparalleled when it comes to game variety – there are more than 2,500 slot games on the gaming floor, and players can also indulge in an array of table games, among which Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Texas Hold’Em Poker, Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat, and many more. 

Best Casino Destinations: Macau

Known as the Las Vegas of the East, Macau is home to the world’s most profitable casinos. Each year, Macau generated more than $45 billion in revenues, which is 7 times more than Las Vegas. Macau is nestled in a peninsula in the South China Sea, too. 

Gambling in Macau is preferred by many as it offers the chance to try out amazing poker variations which can hardly be found outside of the city (and outside Vegas), such as Sic Bo, Sabong, etc. And whenever you need to take a break from casino gaming, you can hit the streets to enjoy the region’s staggering landmarks and sights.

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is a five star resort casino, modeled largely after its sister, located in Las Vegas. This is a lavish Italian-themed gaming establishment with a total area of 546,000 square feet. Apart from the enormous gambling floor, gamblers can also visit one of numerous shops and restaurants, located within and nearby The Venetian. 

The Venetian Macau holds a number of poker tournaments throughout the year and, since 2015, the casino is also home to one of the best poker clubs in the world – Winfred Yu’s renown Poker King Club. What is unique about this club is that it caters to the needs of all players and organises as much as 25 poker tournaments, with table limits varying from HKD 25/50 (about $3/$7) to well over HKD 2000 ($255). 

Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is widely regarded as Macau’s most iconic casino, and not without a reason. The establishment was built in the early 1970 by Stanley Ho and was opened in 2008. The Grand Lisboa has an extravagant exterior inspired by flowers, and it looks just as magnificent at night as it does during the day. 

The Grand Lisboa is a resort casino with a gaming space that expands over not one or two, but on staggering four floors. There are nearly 400 gaming tables to try and well over 800 slot machines. Players can indulge in traditional and exotic poker and blackjack varieties or enjoy the performance of leading music and entertainment artists, who usually perform on the main floor of the casino. 

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