The Best Boating Destinations in Florida

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Florida, popularly known as ‘the sunshine state,’ is regarded as the boating capital of the world. If you are a boating enthusiast, Florida offers limitless adventure on its waters, with over 20,000 lakes. Whether you are just visiting or you are a born and raised local, there is something for everyone. If you are planning a boating vacation this year, here are the top boating destinations in Florida you should consider.


Jacksonville is the most populated city in the southeast and the largest city by area in the contiguous USA. With the largest shoreline in Florida, Jacksonville has a lot to offer for boating enthusiasts. 

Jacksonville is filled with five-star restaurants, fine hotels, ship supply stores, and first-class marinas that cater to the boating crowd. The city hosts lots of waterfront festivals, and there is ample docking space. Shallow-water fishing in Jacksonville is as good as it gets, and the city hosts arguably the largest kingfish tournament in Florida. When the Atlantic Ocean is unfriendly for boating, the Intracoastal waterway and St. Johns River are ideal alternatives. Also, Jacksonville has an extensive marine life ecosystem and several reefs which makes it a great destination for scuba diving. 

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St. Augustine

Just about 40 miles to the South of Jacksonville, St. Augustine is the country’s first seaport and the oldest European settlement. With its gorgeous beaches, rich history, and culture, St. Augustine is a great boating destination. 

Surrounded by historic buildings, waterways, and bridges, boating in St. Augustine feels like boating in Europe. Bring your boat and explore the Matanzas River and the San Sebastian River. There are also several charter boats, marinas, and boat tours you can enjoy. If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, you can enjoy diving at breathtaking reefs like Inner and Outer Plane Reefs, Dorothy Louise Barge, Intruder Reefs, and Nine Mile Reefs, where marine life is plenty. 


Miami’s reputation as a cosmopolitan city with flourishing nightlife and incredible architecture makes it a dream destination for many travelers. Its convenient location along the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean makes it ideal for a boating vacation. If you are looking for an exceptional beachfront or warm weather, ‘The Magic City,’ as Miami is popularly known, has it all. You can enjoy a slow and leisure cruise down one of the many canals, or better yet, take your boat out to Key Biscayne or Nixon Sandbar. 

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is the largest estuary in Florida, and it’s a breathtaking boating destination loaded with options. It offers a world-class fishing experience for fishing enthusiasts. You can take a day cruise to downtown Tampa or visit one of the fantastic islands and spend your day relaxing. You can also have a bite to eat at one of the best Tampa restaurants.


If you are planning a boating vacation, Florida offers limitless adventure. With the year-round sunshine and endless beaches, Florida is the perfect destination to set your anchor. Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Miami, and St. Augustine are some of the best boating destinations in Florida. 

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