Cheap hotels in Melbourne

The Benefits Offered by Cheap Hotels in Melbourne

Jetsetters, business travellers, retirees, young couples and anyone else who loves to explore the world will have been faced with the inevitable dilemma of choosing accommodation. When it comes to travelling, you’re either one of two people – the ones who are okay with cheap hotels and the ones that won’t want to risk it. The first type aren’t really fazed by their accommodation and don’t mind if a cheap hotel means they have to slum it, while the second type believe comfort is key. They typically don’t mind spending more on a hotel if it means they can be absolutely sure it’s a good one.

With travelling becoming a cheaper pursuit these days, the concept of a cheap hotel is actually becoming more popular – especially because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad anymore. This article details some of the perks offered by cheap hotels in Melbourne.

A Comfortable, Quieter Stay

Expensive hotels aren’t the only way to live in luxury. Generally, expensive hotels are extremely busy and are home to major meets like business conferences, sporting events and exhibitions. This means that you run the risk of turning up to your hotel and being faced with a large crowd.

A cheaper hotel is a sure way to book accommodation somewhere where this won’t happen. It means that you can experience the magic of travelling without the annoyance of noisy lobbies, children running around, and events restricting the facilities that you can use.

Cheap hotels in Melbourne are also generally good places to stay with family, partners and friends, as they’re rarely crowded and offer many of the same facilities as bigger, luxury hotels.

You’ll Get Out and See More

When you’re abroad, accommodation just needs to be a place to sleep, so there’s no point spending thousands on luxury hotels when you won’t be spending much time there. Similarly, if you aren’t going to use the pool, there’s little point to booking in at a hotel that has one.

It’s tempting to get picky with accommodation, but it also pays to be realistic with it. Plus a cheaper hotel will mean that you’re more likely to go out and explore and not be persuaded into staying at the hotel just to use the sauna. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve missed the opportunity to go sightseeing because you lazed around your hotel all day.

You Can Make New Friends

You’re more likely to meet travellers in similar situations to you at cheap hotels in Melbourne. Jetsetters looking to party, socialise and meet new people won’t be found in luxury hotels, while cheaper hotels give you the opportunity to meet people from all areas of the world and make some new travel buddies.

Consider Serviced Apartments

When people think about travelling, they instantly consider hotels as the way to go and don’t recognise that serviced apartments also offer an inexpensive way to travel well. Serviced apartments have countless perks and facilities and are a great option for anybody that’s looking for accommodation that feels homely, comes fully furnished and provides a sense of privacy that hotels lack.

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