The Backstreet Canals of Venice

As many people will tell you, Venice is all about getting lost and seeing the backstreets and narrow canals. Whilst the sights of the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica are incredible, it’s the quiet little canals away from Piazza San Marco that will have you taking photo after photo.

Every time you cross a little bridge or turn another corner you’ll be muttering “wow” and whipping out your camera. As you cross the arch bridges you’ll see colourful buildings with shuttered windows, clothes on washing lines and creepers growing up the side. Some of the pretty green canals are completely shaded, whilst others catch the reflection of the sun. If you found yourself in a spy movie and you were hiding from someone, it would be very easy to lose someone along the narrow streets of Venice. Here is a collection of photos I took of the backstreet canals. Funny story, I actually got lost (as you do in Venice) and asked a young English couple if they could direct me back to the Accademia Bridge so I could catch my ferry. When I got on my plane to Manchester two days later they were sat in the seats directly next to me.

Private Boat on a canal in Venice, Italy

Gondolas on Backstreet Canal in Venice, Italy

Backstreet Canal in Venice, Italy

Tied-up empty gondola in Venice, Italy

Narrow Canal in Venice, Italy

Small Canal in Venice, Italy

Backstreets of Venice, Italy

Taxi on a Canal in Venice, Italy

Man and child in Gondola on a Canal in Venice

Victoria Brewood

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