18 Mar The 7 Things to See, Do and Eat Near Bodrum

The best place in Turkey to experience world class cuisine, exciting nightlife and historical artifacts is the vibrant city of Bodrum.

The former fishing village turned getaway for Turkey’s poets, intellectuals and artists in the 1960’s and 70’s has become the go-to place for Istanbul’s elite and travelers from around the world. When you join a blue cruise Turkey Bodrum that sails along the enticing coast. Bodrum should be a starting or stopping point for your carefully selected gulet.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why this beautiful Aegean town is so fashionable.

Bodrum Castle

The Knights of St. John began building the huge stone structure in 1402, which was later used as a military base by the Turkish army during the Greek Revolution in 1824, finally became home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology in 1962.

As the largest museum dedicated to underwater history, the are displays of scores of relics found in devastated ships resting on the ocean floor. The earliest know items came from a Bronze era wreck estimated to be around 2500 BC. Other items date from the 16th century BC up to the 16th century AD. Antique fragments exhibited include Roman amphorae, ancient glass, and bronze, clay and iron items.

A day trip to Kos Island

The nearest Greek island of Kos is only a 40-minute boat ride through the deep blue waters of the Aegean. After disembarking, walk through the town center and shop for local crafts and souvenirs. Take a rest at any of the numerous sidewalk cafes and enjoy fresh seafood with a glass of Ouzo.

The best way to see the island in a short amount of time is to rent a beach buggy and cruise the numerous sandy beaches with the wind blowing through your hair.

Stay at the Marmara Hotel

Every room is equipped with a balcony or terrace for you to kick up your feet and sip a chilled glass of wine while overlooking the Neptunian homeland and iconic image of Bodrum Castle.

When you tire of floating in the azure sea below, pull up a chair at the huge infinity pool and stare into the distance imaging how the ancient Greeks once sailed the open seas.

Dance Your Heart Out at Halikarnas the Club

Perhaps the largest and loudest outdoor club in all of Europe, Halikarnas is packed to the brim with party people every night of the week during the summer months. Young people from around the globe dance until they drop under the incredible laser lights that illuminate the atmosphere.

If you prefer to dance without hundreds of sweaty bodies surrounding you, then go to Helva Bar. This club is more relaxed yet plays all the popular dance music the other major clubs blast at high decibels.

Eat at Malades

Located near Bodrum Marina, this cozy restaurant serves all the best meze that represent Turkish and Aegean cuisine. Of course no table is complete without a bottle of Raki, the anise-flavored spirit famous throughout the country.

You can indulge your appetite with a variety of dishes including octopus salad, seasonal artichokes soaked in local olive oil, smoky aubergine salad, or the super spicy atom, which is dried red chilies smothered in yogurt. Locally caught calamari comes fried or grilled and is a perfect accompaniment to karides guvec, a sizzling hot casserole of fresh shrimp.

Wall Diving at Orak Island

A common stop on most blue cruises departing from Bodrum, Orak Island is 1.5 hours from the Gulf of Gokova and is uninhabited aside from the numerous olive groves. When swimming in the crystal clear sea it feels as if you are in an aquarium full of marine treasures.

The underwater topography is unique in this part of the sea, so strap on diving gear and explore the underwater world along the cliff walls. Be sure to look for lobster, sea bass and thornback rays swimming peacefully.

If you aren’t into diving, then grab snorkel gear from the gulet and discover the sea life living in the shallower waters.

Spend a night in Rhodes

Rhodes Island Greece

The largest Greek island nearest to Turkey and also a frequented destination on most gulet cruises, this island is rife with ancient ruins, seaside cafes and tavernas, and 5 star hotels.

The town of Lindos welcomes you with remains of the Acropolis and large marble pillars scattered about the area. Standing atop the hill gazing over the aquatic landscape will help you understand why people have inhabited this island for thousands of years.

Stay at the Mediterranean influenced Melenos Lindos Hotel situated between the beach and the castle.  The family-friendly hotel has a very helpful staff and serves excellent local cuisine.

Wherever Alataurka Cruises takes you on a gulet cruise, you will be full of sun, sea, culture and adventure.

Written by Amy Hume for Alaturka Cruises

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