Ten great wedding venues in Brisbane

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Weddings are special occasions celebrated by loved ones to commemorate their vows and live together happily ever after. Therefore weddings need to be perfect as one celebrates only once. Things need to go as planned, and the venue has to be perfect to set the mood for your audience.

Here are some of the venues in Brisbane.

  1. Glengariff historic estate

This venue is Queensland’s most sought wedding venue, with its entire space to host all aspects of your day. The venue sits on 230 acres of land with well-manicured grounds. It is forty-five minutes from CBD. Thus one may consider bus hire or minibus for smaller groups. Additionally, it offers 30 different locations for photography, starting from the garden rooms, vineyard, the lake, jetty, waterfall, rustic barn, and the classical stone arbors.  Therefore this venue will offer all the beautiful sceneries and give beautiful backdrops for a wedding.

  1. Cedar Creek Lodge

This captivating venue is located on the gold coast, hinterland. It encompasses a waterfall tumbling over mossy pebble and rock falling o a soft candy. It is bridged gently by a timber walkaway. Additionally, it has a beautiful backdrop imposing rainforest. Its ambiance is enhanced by the velvet sky and silver stars, candles suspended from tiered roofline by the island glade in soft light as an illuminated waterfall dance on the pebbled rock pools. Additionally, it can be decorated to complement the wedding theme.

  1. Customs house.

It offers a good view of the Brisbane river. It is unique, unforgettable, and unmatched with its unique location and magnificent architecture. Additionally, its indoor spaces and cathedral ceilings enhance the ambiance. It consists of a large riverside terrace, magnificent and historic architecture with award-winning cuisine, and breathtaking backdrops.

  1. Villa Botanica

This villa is set at the edges of the coral set. It offers superb tropical gardens and architecture. Additionally, they have bridal villas for onsite accommodation. They have spaces to have your wedding.

  1. Tattersall weddings

It is situated at the heart of Brisbane city. It combines elegance and style n traditional and historical surroundings. It enhances ambiance with its high ceilings and marble floors.

  1. Cloudland

It is a luxurious, opulent wedding venue that gives a posh kind of mood to the guests, with its lush indoor décor with beautiful crystal chandeliers. Additionally, it has five distinct gathering spaces for ceremonies. Also, it has a beautiful spiral staircase, a rooftop terrace, and a pink onyx bar. The glass ceilings are just a few of the decorative highlights. The ambiance evokes inspiration, beauty, and sophistication. Thus, beautiful backdrop for weddings.

  1. The village roadshow theme parks

This venue is for lovers of the sea world who want to wed at a sea world or any other theme park. The village roadshow theme parks provide various iconic venues to make a perfect backdrop for a wedding. These theme parks provide stunning views and gilts.

  1. Brisbane city hall

It is situated at the heart of Brisbane, the CBD. It is a truly magical venue with high-end celling, spacious for up to 1500 guests, and modern audio-visual facilities after refurbishing. Brisbane city all can also be used for other functions and ceremonies. 

  1. Loft West End

The Loft West End is a stunning industrial loft wedding venue in the heart of the West End. It has an enthralling blend of vintage, elegance, and modern glitz. It has excellent specifics that add to the ambiance. Additionally, they have a unique and gorgeous space.

  1. W. Brisbane

It is situated at CBD on the banks of the iconic  Brisbane River. The venue boasts luxe modern interiors. Additionally, it offers panoramic city skyline views, flexible venues, and various wedding packages to choose from.

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