Symbolic Flowers of the World

Flowers are the most beautiful and unusual representatives of the plant kingdom. All the time, people admire them and praise as spiritual spirits. Many flowers are national emblems of certain countries. Some of them are traditionally important elements of religious ceremonies; others are rare and extended on limited territories of a certain state. Other flowers are connected with some legends and history of countries. If you are interested in flowers as national symbols, you can go to this o that country and discover this information. For instance, an India e-visa will be helpful if you want to know more about the flower symbols of this country. A ticket to Great Britain will give an opportunity to be acquainted with flowers of all its parts.  

Some people want to know the history and qualities of their favorite flower as a symbol. So, you are welcome to learn the most popular flower symbols of different countries.

Rose. Flowers are an important part in the history, culture, and ceremonies of Great Britain. They are connected with legends and fairy tales of the country. Every historic province earlier was like a separate state. That is why every part of Great Britain has its own flower symbol. 

The national flower of England is a red rose of Tudor. It has been like a symbol since the civil war of 1455-1485. This war was between the houses of Lancaster, whose symbol was a red rose, and a royal kind of York with an emblem of white roses. When a future king of England Henry VII took over a crown from Richard III, he put an end to the war of roses. Henry with Lancaster’s root married Elisabeth from the family if York in 1486. This fact combined two royal families forever. Since that time a rose has become red and white, decorating the emblem of a ruling dynasty.

Clover. A clover is a national symbol of Ireland. In ancient time, Celtic priests-Druids used a clover for their magical ceremonies. This plant meant a natural balance for them. Celtic people considered “three” as a magical number, so a clover stood high as it has three leaves. According to a legend, when St. Patrick arrived in Ireland for turning it to Christianity. He used a shamrock of a clover in the quality of a symbol of blessed Trinity.

Thistle. A thistle is a national emblem of Scotland from 15 century. If to believe a legend, a thistle protected away, from the army of Vikings. In such a way, Scotland escaped a sanguinary battle with a severe conqueror. So, now Scottish people respect these lilac thistles and consider as flowers-talisman. 

Daffodil. A yellow daffodil is a symbol of Wales. In the combat of Agincourt in 1415, soldiers of Wales put bright yellow daffodils to their helmets to distinguish their own people from enemies Saxons. They won the battle. After this situation, all people of this country think that a yellow daffodil is a symbol of victory and fortune.

Having a big desire to know more about these beautiful flowers, go to Great Britain and become a part of its atmosphere. 

Jasmine. This flower is a symbol of purity in African and East folks. Jasmine was grown not only because of the beauty of tiny white buttons but also it was valued for its wonderful scent. In Pakistan, this flower means affection, friendship, and modesty. You can find it in every garden. In Indonesia, jasmine is a symbol of purity, sincerity and graceful simplicity. In this country, the flower is very important in wedding ceremonies. Hair of a fiancée was decorated with white flowers of jasmine.

Lotus. A flower of the lotus is an ancient emblem of Buddhism. Hindus think that a lotus is a sign of Vishnu and Lakshmi and an emblem of ethereal beauty. A lotus also symbolizes an untouched soul that stands against seductions. Many gods were depicted sitting on a lotus. These pictures represent the purity of body, mind, and speech. This was a reason why a form of lotus was taken for creating an architectural conception of the main Hindu Temple in New-Deli. If you want to watch this wonderful temple, you need to open an India e-visa.

Cherry tree. This is a national symbol of Japan. You can see this tree everywhere: in parks, gardens, palaces. The blooming of a cherry tree is a real event. Many years ago, a cherry tree was a holy tree. Buttons of this tree were considered as protectors of dead souls. When you watch the tree, it means you will have prosperity in your life. Spend one of your springs in Japanese under one of the amazing cherry trees.  

Peony. This flower is a symbol of China. It means well-being, happiness, and love. A lot of people gather to visit the festival op peonies. This day is considered as a perfect one for a wedding. So, if you want to have happiness in your family life, you need to marry in China.

Daisy. A daisy is a symbol of nature in Russia. This flower appeared thanks to a holiday of love, family and faith. It is on 8th July. The idea of celebrating came to citizens of Murom. On this day people honor Petro and Fevoniia, a family that was a sample of faith and love.

Lily. People from Spain and Italy love this flower. It is a flower of the Holy Virgin. When there is the Eucharist, girls put on a wreath made of white lilies. A lily is associated with hope well-being. 

Cornflower. This is a symbol of Germany. Many years ago, a cornflower was a compulsory attribute of important feasts in Germany. This flower was a favorite one of an emperor Wilhelm I and his mother. People thought that a cornflower is was a sign of happiness and fortune for a royal house.

Tulip. This is a national emblem of Turkey. It is a symbol of lifelong love and faith. There is one legend about this flower. One prince Farchad fell in love with one beautiful girl Shirin. However, this girl had many others flames. A prince did not stand it and smashed on his horse. In that place, a beautiful tulip appeared. All Turkish people adore this flower and use as a decoration.

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