Summer Hotspots for 2020

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for travelers. The warm weather, school break, and abundance of destination options are just a few of the reasons summer is an exciting time to travel. According to U.S. News & World Report, the summer hotspots below are some of the top vacation destinations in the United States. The list is in alphabetical order and includes both top beaches and states you should consider for your summer vacation in 2020. 


Typically, when you think of California, you think of sunshine, the ocean, and comfortable weather, so of course, California made it on the list. There are a few cities and beaches you should consider if you plan to visit California this summer. Sonoma is ranked as number one and two on U.S. News & World Report’s list of best small towns to visit and best places to visit in July lists, respectively. 

You should also check out the San Diego beach and Big Sur beaches. These both landed a spot on the top ten beaches in the United States in 2020. While San Diego’s beach has softer waters, Big Sur hosts incredible ocean views. 


Colorado is a fantastic vacation destination for nearly any time of year. While Colorado has several popular cities and towns that are mostly known for skiing and other winter sports, the Centennial State has much to offer in the summertime as well. For example, Steamboat Springs, Colorado is not only a great ski town but also a great summer hotspot. 

In Steamboat Springs, you can take a hike up tall mountains while enjoying the view, relax in some hot springs, or even go fishing in Yampa River. Steamboat Springs landed the third spot on U.S. News’ best summer vacation destinations list. 


Another state that leads you to picture sunny beaches is Florida. Florida has nearly 700 miles of beaches, which give you plenty of options for summer hotspots. Sanibel Island, Destin, Naples, and St. Petersburg all landed a spot on the top ten beaches in the United States. While each city has its perks, you’re guaranteed to have access to a gorgeous beach. Other activities you can do while in Florida include, golf, kayak, fish, swim with dolphins, and more. 


How could Hawaii not be on this list? Hawaii is one of the best summer hotspots in 2020. Two out of the eight Hawaii islands landed both the first and second slots for the best beaches in the United States. Maui and Kauai are two of Hawaii’s most popular islands and are homes to some of the most magnificent beaches in America. 

If you want to see a jaw-dropping, unbelievably beautiful beach, head over to Kaihalulu Beach on the island of Maui. Here, you will get to experience a secluded, red-sand beach. On the end island, Kauai, you, of course, can relax on beautiful beaches, but you could also travel through several forest reserves. 


Oregon has terrific summer temperatures and magnificent outdoor sceneries that lead it to land on our list. Oregon’s Cannon Beach landed seventh out of ten on U.S. News’ top beaches list. This 4-mile long beach is a go-to spot for many Oregonians, and the over 200-foot Haystack Rock is a showstopper for sure. 

You can also visit Portland and Seaside, Oregon for a fun summer vacation. All three locations, Cannon Beach, Seaside, and Portland aren’t too far from each other, so you could visit all three during your trip. From Portland to Seaside, it’s about an hour and a half drive, while the drive from Seaside to Cannon Beach only takes fifteen minutes.


Texas may not sound like the perfect summer hotspot due to its higher temperature and lack of beaches, but don’t let that scare you. Texas has plenty to offer to summer travelers. For example, the San Antonio Boardwalk is a must-see during the summer. 

If you’re looking for a summer hotspot with a beach, Galveston, Port Aransas, or South Padre Island will do just fine. These beach destinations are located off the northwest side of the Gulf of Mexico and are lovely during the summer.

While the United States has numerous summer hotspots, these are our top six for 2020. 

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