30 Nov Staying Healthy while travelling in winters

There’s nothing more adventurous and chilling than to travel in winters, especially when it snows. However, severe cold can bring about severe health conditions if proper care is not taken.

Cold is the number one concern when you are on a journey especially for the children and the elderly. This is because a sudden change in climate may result in bad health. Therefore, it is essential that one takes care of their health and diet while they’re traveling in winters.

Here’s how you can stay healthy while travelling in winters:

Make Sure You’re Dry While You’re Traveling

Rain can bring a lot of trouble, especially when it is already cold. Even if you like rain, you must make sure to dry yourself as quickly as possible to make sure you do not fall ill. Same goes for snow.

If you live in a hot region, then moving to a cold region all of a sudden, even for a few days, can bring you a lot of trouble.

Stay Hydrated

It is important that you keep yourself well hydrated in winters. We tend to drink less liquids during winters, but science says that our need for liquids does not decrease as such, hence it is important to consume water during winters as well.

Perspiration still occurs in winters, especially under armpits and feet which results in water loss from the body. Once, the water levels in the body get low, a person gets more vulnerable to diseases like flu and cold. Therefore, make sure that you drink enough water in winter or eat fruits such as watermelon as it contains a lot of water.

However, stay away from cold liquids as they can make you sick.


Research says that exercising in winters is beneficial. When you burn calories and exercise, your heart beats faster and strengthens your immune system. However, exercising if you’re already sick can be a bad idea.

It’s good to exercise if your symptoms include a runny nose and flu but if you have a fever or body aches then exercising won’t help.

In case of fever, you need to rest and drink plenty of water rather than hitting a gym or stretching your muscles.

Stay On A Healthy Diet

No matter what the season is, the diet you consume drastically affects your health.

Eating unhealthy foods can make you more susceptible to cold and the diseases that occur during winters.

Here’s the diet that would keep you healthy in winters:

  • Eat Root Vegetables: Carrots, turnips, beets etc., have the ability to help you fight cold as they are rich in vitamin C and A. So, make sure you include them in your diet.
  • Oatmeal: Eating oatmeal in winter can have many benefits. It helps keep the heart rate normal and since it is rich in zinc, it strengthens your immune system as well.
  • Soup: Soups have several benefits, so make sure to include some.

Besides these, there are plenty of other foods too that can help you keep in good health while you’re traveling in winters.

Other than all this, you can also get yourself insured to be on a safe side. Many insurance companies offer travel insurance. Check out Your Legal Friend holiday compensation to know more about the options that you have in case you fall sick abroad.

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