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03 Mar Skiing essentials: Must have items when hitting the slopes

You need the right kit for skiing, no doubt about it. Otherwise you’ll end up being that person who skis back to the nearest, warmest restaurant way before lunchtime feeling depressed because you’re missing out on all the fun.

But what constitutes as the right kit these days? It’s all about personal comfort and what works for you. There’s no point buying something you’ve heard is good if it doesn’t fit your frame, and hopefully you’ve already sorted out an actual skiing outfit with a great quality jacket and some ski trousers – but if you’re lagging behind on those too, you can see some great options here.

Let’s take a look at what qualifies as an essential, when it comes to hitting the slopes:


A helmet has become an essential bit of kit and you really ought to buy your own instead of wearing someone else’s. They can range in price from as little as £30 to far and beyond into the technical thousands. It’s best to find one that’s light, comfy and good value.


Good gloves are invaluable up on the mountain, when it comes to keeping your hands nice and toasty. You need comfort and functionality so a good fit is essential, so try before you buy. Most gloves come waterproof these days but double check when buying just in case, there’s nothing worse than damp and cold hands.

Base Layers

For those extra chilly days up on the slopes you’ll need your base layers on under all of your gear. It’s best to invest in a breathable, natural material such a merino wool so that if the sun does show her face you won’t be roasting. Due to the nature of merino, if you’re going for it and getting sweaty you won’t feel uncomfortable, as merino wicks away moisture to keep you dry – definitely worth the investment.


As cool as your sunglasses look, when you go fast down those slopes your eyes will be streaming and that won’t be fun to contend with while trying to navigate the track. It’s best to be able to see the terrain ahead of you and goggles have really advanced in the past few years. You need a high protection against sun glare and technology that stops them from fogging up, as a basic necessity.

If you can afford to go up a level you could go for goggles that adapt to changing light, snow storms and some even come with built in GPS now, perfect for white outs. Still pack your sunglasses though, as you’ll need them for lunchtime, Après and all the other stuff you get up to on the mountain.

Face Protection

Your face experiences the full brunt of the cold when skiing. It takes on snow, sweat, sun and all sorts while you’re busy having fun, so you’ve got to look after it to avoid coming home looking like an embarrassed panda. Every day it’s sensible to apply sunblock to your face and lips because even if you can’t feel the sun, she’s up there shining.
If it’s cold, invest in a snood to pull up over your nose. Ski lifts are particularly bad for chill on your face, so pull your snood up high and get cosy. On warmer days, make sure you stop frequently to reapply sun cream, especially to your lips! There’s nothing worse than not being able to really enjoy yourself later in the evening because your lips are too chapped and burned.

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