Thoughts Running Away With You — Simple Tips for Travel Blogging on the Move

People often think that blogging is quite a sedentary lifestyle. After all, it seems to involve sitting still and writing for hours, but for travel bloggers the reality is very different. They have to write while they’re — quite literally — on the move.

Travel Blogging

So, how do travel bloggers do it? How do they travel around the world, writing about their experiences, using just their tablets and an internet connection to communicate with the world? Here are three simple tips to writing, blogging and travelling that you shouldn’t miss

Treat it Like a Business

Blogging is fun, great fun, but a lot of people forget that a professional travel blog is more than just a website where they can discuss their travels: it’s also a business. And business can only mean one thing: hard work.

The great travel bloggers work hard, party hard and make time for their blog, and if travel bloggers aren’t short on one thing, it’s time. They often use their time very effectively to find new means of revenue and get ideas for new posts. What keeps them awake at night, however, is thinking about is how to keep their business (blog) afloat.

Network, Network, Network

Making new friends and contacts around the world is one of the joys of blogging, and for some people this comes really naturally. For others, however, this is something that they find a bit more difficult to do for various reasons, such as shyness or a lack of confidence.

The fantastic thing about travel blogging is that there is a very welcoming community of bloggers out there. The best travel bloggers know how to build strong and lasting relationships with other bloggers, travel companies and their readers, and keeping in touch with others while they’re on the move can make a real difference to their travels and writing.


Be Organized

There are only a few people on the planet who seem to be naturally organized. For others, it takes a lot more time and effort.

When bloggers travel, they won’t always have access to the internet, so it’s a good idea to schedule posts ahead of time, so they can keep their blog updated with new, fresh content that their readers will love.

If they’re going to be travelling over a long distance, they use their travel time wisely by charging their laptop or tablet before they leave and using it to write while they’re on the move.

Remember, blogging is a fine way to make a living, but what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. So, if you need to blog on the move, then get a good tablet computer, get organized and see where your travels take you.

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