See France on the Wings of a Small Plane

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Today, we can travel in so many different ways. It increases the pleasure of discovering new locations. Accommodations, activities but also transportation have taken different faces, which includes traveling short distances on small planes to discover sites that are rarely visited. Here are a few such trips you can make, in France.

How to find these Sightseeing Adventures

Traveling on a small plane or doing a helicopter ride, is a unique experience. Those who have done it once, will tell you that it has nothing to do with flying on a commercial flight. You almost feel as if you were a part of nature. There is a sense of fragility that reminds you how alive you are. Before, finding these once-in-a-lifetime excursions, was a difficult task, and they were limited. But it isn’t so anymore, thanks to Wingly, a website that offers a large variety of these scenic flights and excursions, in more than 20 countries; France being one of them.

The way the website is built makes it easy to choose the experience you want to live, but it also provides ideas that you may never have thought about. Just pick the city where you want to leave from, enter the number of passengers, and you will be provided with all the flights leaving from this location and information on their destination. Once you have chosen, you will only have to wait for the date to arrive, to enjoy a moment you will never forget.

Ideas of Excursions and Scenic Flights in France

History Lovers – The Loire Valley Castles (scenic Flight)

It is one thing to take a tour of a castle, and another one to actually fly over it. In fact, the only way to really understand how majestic they are, is from the air. You get an exquisite view of the architecture, but also of the gardens that surround the main building. They are often accompanied by a lake and a forest nearby, where many important events in history surely happened. But the main advantage is that you get to see more than 30 castles during the flight and all the area where they have been built, which includes beautiful vineyards, as well.

Have Lunch in Oléron (excursion leaving from Bordeaux)

For a quick escape from the city, nothing like spending a few hours on the island of Oléron. The Marennes basin is famous in all of Europe, for its exceptional natural setting. The location itself offers many beaches, great restaurants and various sports activities on the ground (bicycle, hiking) and in the water (sailing, swimming). The flight will go over the coast, providing you with breathtaking views at all times, including the one of the Gironde Estuary. Fresh oysters will await you upon arrival. You will get to spend the afternoon on the island, and fly back to Bordeaux before the evening comes.

This will certainly provide you with a strong desire to go out and discover new sites in France. There are many more destinations, which you can discover by going to the Wingly website, which we mentioned before. 

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