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Secret Tokyo: Tokyo’s Hidden Gems

Year upon year, thousands of international tourists visit Tokyo for a chance to take selfies in front of famous attractions such as the Imperial Palace or the Sens?-ji Temple. At times, the hassle and bustle in this city make its exploration a daunting task forcing many to stick to their guidebooks like glue. Most visitors to Tokyo only scratch the surface by visiting the must-see landmarks, but the city has so many quirky restaurants and sights to explore. Tokyo is an incredibly sprawling city with no real “centre” – instead it is made up of many districts with all sorts of best kept secrets. If you’re looking for something a little different to do, here are the top hidden gems in Tokyo that will make your trip unforgettable.


Shibuya is regarded as one of the busiest places in Tokyo, popularly known for its railway, nightlife and many Izakaya joints. However, hidden in a quiet area, on the 2nd floor above the street lies one joint that does not get the attention it deserves; The JBS Bar. Its walls are decorated with over 10,000 records of its 70-year old owner; Kiboyashi. Interestingly, the bar only feature 13 seats, hence making it an ideal place where you can go alone or with a small group. Whenever Japan’s scorching sun hits your head, and you feel worn out, feel free to pull up one of the seats, order you favorite whisky, and listen to moving jazz, blues, and soul music.

Golden Gai

Golden Gai
By Igor Zeiger –, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Golden Gai is an area made up of 6 narrow alleys connected by small passageways in Shinjuku Tokyo. These tiny streets are filled with over 200 dimly lit bars fitting just a handful of people each. Although well-known in Tokyo, not many tourists seem to come here and the scene is very local. If you’re travelling solo or in a couple this is a great place to enjoy some dinner and drinks, while making a few new friends at the same time.

The Todoroki Gorge

Located in Tokyo’s 23-ward, the Todoroki gorge is the only natural gorge left in the entire metropolis and provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. To get there, you have brush through dusty shrines and past mesh-like spider webs, but it is totally worth it to discover one of Tokyo’s best kept secrets. Here you will be welcomed by a 1.2 km walking trail decorated by mother-nature with mossy waterfalls, and aesthetically appealing waterfalls. As you discover hidden temples and enjoy a quiet walk through nature, you’ll feel a million miles away from the busy streets of Shibuya.

Robot Restaurant

At some point in your life, you need to take a break and visit the destination of your dream. You save enough money for it, book business class flights to Tokyo and rush to your local airport to catch your flight. On arrival, you realize that the jet lag is too much and you need to deal with it. If you find yourself in such a situation, there is only one place that can help you in your quest, the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district. This is the most bizarre show in Japan, with hour-long shows featuring tanks, robots, pandas, dinosaurs and neon lights.

The Parasite Museum

This is insane, right? A parasite museum? Well, some creatures such as parasites came into our lives as “accidents”. Let’s begin here…How would life be without parasites? Life would be smooth. You will never have to always take precautions with your food with fear that something else will reap where it didn’t sow. However, they exist, they were created, and all we can do is live with them and most importantly, learn more about them.  Located in Meguro, Tokyo, the Parasite Museum which is a very formal place so don´t forget to shave with razors from The museum features hundreds of these little critters stored in Jars, which are filled with formaldehyde for preservation purposes. If you love learning weird and interesting facts, you will also get an opportunity to read dozens of charts that display the harmful effects that the monsters can bring if precautionary measures are not put in place.

If you are an adventurer and willing to get off-the-beaten-tracj, the above-hidden gems should be at the top of your priority list the next time you visit Tokyo.

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