Santorini: Simply Magical

Susan and her best friend Britani had met each other when they brought their kids to the same kindergarten. It didn’t take long for them to become close, and since their kids were close to the same age it worked out well for the families to spend time together. 

During the summer, Susan suggested that their families go on vacation together; it would be a fun way to get to know each other even more. Both of them had one child each, and they agreed that a vacation would be better if their kids had each other to play with. 

“The most difficult part was just deciding where to go,” Britani said. “We threw out a lot of ideas, like Disney or California, but finally we decided that an international trip was the way to go. Susan has relatives living in Santorini, which made the planning so much easier.” 

The two families also decided to find local photographers so they could do a photo shoot in Santorini. They agreed to hire a photographer from Localgrapher who would be certain to have good insider tips about the city. 

Since Susan’s relatives lived in the capital city of Firá, they would be spending the majority of their vacation there, but they would be certain to explore other places on the island of Santorini. 

They decided to do the photo shoot at the beginning of their trip so that they could maybe get some suggestions from the photographer about places to visit and things to see on the island. The photographer in Santorini met the families in Firá, which was the most convenient spot for everyone and a picturesque location to take photos. The white houses, charming city squares, and blue-domed churches made for an ideal setting for the photographs. 

“It was great being able to meet a local in Santorini to take the pictures,” said Susan, “I was surprised by how much fun the kids had with it too; they’re five and six, so always super curious, and the photographer just went with it when they wanted to explore or something caught their attention. I was worried at first that it would disrupt the photos, but in reality, it gave them a really natural feel.”

From the photographer’s suggestion, they decided to take a day trip to the northern city of Oia, where they enjoyed exploring the charming lanes between the houses. Their favorite part was watching the spectacular sunset the photographer told them they could see if they visited Oia. 

The two families decided to finish off their vacation by taking a boat tour in the massive caldera of Santorini for a different perspective of the island. It was a great experience for everyone, and they were able to get some great pictures themselves from the small island of Thirassia looking back toward Santorini. 

By the end of their trip, no one really wanted to leave Santorini. The picturesque island had captivated everyone, form the stunning sunsets to the delicious local cuisine. 

“It was such an amazing experience for all of us,” Britani commented. “You can tell that our kids are even closer now, which is really special to see. It was great getting to meet Susan’s family, and I’m so glad that we decided to rent a photographer; hopefully this will be the first of many trips we can take together as families.”

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