Photo Essay: Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv on Shabbat

When I woke up in my room at the Dan Panorama I had totally forgotten it was Saturday, until I approached the elevator and saw this sign:

Shabat Goy Tel Aviv

Dear Guests, during the Shabat this elevator will be operated by a “Shabat Goy”

For my non-Jewish readers, the Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest and takes place on a Saturday, more specifically from sunset on Friday evening until three stars appear in the sky on Saturday night.

Shabbat observance involves refraining from work activities and spending time with friends and family doing restful, rejuvenating things. ‘Work’ can cover all sorts of things like cooking, driving or switching electricity on/off and some Jewish people observe these rules very rigorously.  Therefore a Shabbat goy is a non-Jewish person who performs certain types of work for a Jew on the Sabbath… such as operating the elevator.

Shabbat Goy in Elevator at Dan Panorama Tel Aviv

Since it was my last day in Tel Aviv I decided to take a walk around the city, despite my realisation that most shops would probably be closed. It was strange to see hardly any cars on the roads and the Carmel market completely empty. Rothschild Boulevard however is busy and full of life on Shabbat. All the cafés have lines of people waiting outside, and people walk their dogs or ride their bikes down the pedestrian walkway. Everybody seems to have a cute dog in Tel Aviv, and since I am a dog lover, I just couldn’t stop taking photographs!

Here are some of the photos I took of Tel Aviv on Shabbat. My favourite is the “We Like You Too :)” sign painted on the side of a coffee stand!

24/7 Cafe in Tel Aviv, Israel

Cute Dog ordering coffee on Rothschild Boulevard

Cute Dog in Tel Aviv

Dog Walking on Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv, Girls Riding Bicycles

Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv on Shabbat

Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv on Shabbat

Tel Aviv on Shabbat

We Like You Too Tel Aviv

Victoria Brewood

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  • Rebecca
    Posted at 22:36h, 08 April Reply

    When I was in Israel in years ago, at the big hotel in Jerusalem we stayed at, they had a “shabbat elevator” which meant that it automatically stopped at every floor. Took the stairs that day:-).

    But now every time my sister and I get in an elevator that stops at every floor, we say, damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten in the shabbat elevator!

  • J.
    Posted at 18:08h, 26 May Reply

    I know that We Like you too sign, and I’ve always liked it, but I never realized it could be intended for tourists. Now I think it is!! 🙂
    And what a great way to welcome tourists it is too!

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