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I’ll readily admit, I’m not a sporty or athletic person at all. I’m absolutely terrible at all sports, particularly ball sports as I have zero hand/eye co-ordination. I may have a naturally athletic physique (and apparently the slow resting heart rate of an athlete according to one doctor) but it’s actually pretty deceiving!

However, since I travel a lot I do find myself walking a lot everywhere, whether it’s strolling around cities for the day or taking hikes in the countryside. And sometimes, naturally, my feet can get super tired and achey.

I’d never thought about using footbeds before but then recently I had the chance to try out the SOLE Sport Medium Footbed, which is designed to go in most footwear including running shoes, sneakers, basketball shoes and tennis shoes.

The footbed is designed to enhance the athletic performance of footwear and therefore keep your feet much more comfortable. So what did I make of it? Read on for my full review…

Firstly, Who are SOLE?

SOLE Sport Medium Footbed

SOLE is a Canadian company that creates orthopaedic footwear without sacrificing the environment. They create custom footbeds and footwear that are designed to provide pain relief, therefore removing limitations and allowing people like you and me to live up to our full potential.

About the SOLE Sport Medium Footbed

The SOLE Sport Medium provides step-in comfort and increased arch flexibility, engineered to enhance the athletic performance of footwear. This footbed is designed to work in concert with the biodynamics of the body by keeping it in a neutral balanced position and evenly distributing pressure to reduce foot fatigue. Features Polygiene® odor control technology and a moisture-wicking topsheet for all day comfort and confidence inspiring performance. The Sport Medium footbed is designed to keep you in the game, on the road, on the trail or in the gym longer.

Trimming the SOLE

Initially when I received the footbeds I had no idea I was supposed to trim them, so I took one look and thought, “these will never fit in my tiny shoes”. I have really small feet- UK Size 3 to be exact – so I needed to trim quite a lot off of them. Fortunately there are YouTube videos online that show you how to do this.

Firstly you need to take the factory insole out of your shoe and then line it up with the heel of the SOLE footbed. Next you have to take a felt tip pen, draw around the edge of the insole and then cut with scissors along the line. After that, it’s simply a case of putting the SOLE inside the shoe – et voila, you have footwear that’s optimized for performance!

There are two ways to mold the SOLE Sport Medium footbed – either by simply wearing them and letting them mold to your feet after a few days, or by heat molding. To do this, set your oven to 200 degrees. Place the footbeds on a baking tray and leave in the oven for 2 minutes until the Opti-therm indicator on the bottom turns black. Once you’ve done that, just remove from the oven, place them in your trainers and step into your shoes right away, standing on them for about 2 minutes while they mold to your feet.

My verdict

SOLE Sport Medium

While I am no athlete I did find them to be comfortable to wear and I had no problem pounding the streets of New York for en entire day with my camera in tow.

Athletes will probably get the most out of these though, since they reduce plantar fascia strain by up to 34%. Professional basketball players, football players, golfers, cyclists, mountaineers, endurance runners and championship skiers all swear by SOLE, so if you’re super active, it’s definitely worth trying them out.

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