Golden Moments of 2017

Remembering My Golden Moments of 2017 with Yogi Tea

A few weeks ago you may remember that I partnered with Yogi Tea to try their #7MinutesChallenge, where I completed a mindfulness exercise in the time it takes to brew a cup of Yogi Tea. Well, to celebrate the launch of their new product, Turmeric Chai, they’ve asked me to prepare my own cup of “Golden Milk” and look back on my #GoldenMoments of 2017.

Introducing the Turmeric Chai

Turmeric Chai

Now, I don’t usually drink chai because I’m caffeine intolerant and it’s often made with black tea, but Yogi Tea’s chai is completely different. The Turmeric Chai is a delicious Ayurvedic turmeric, herb and spice infusion, that when brewed, comes out a bright, milky yellow colour.

The tea contains a very high turmeric amount, rounded off with black pepper and apple. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to make of it but after trying it I’m completely addicted. The best way to prepare this “Golden Milk” is by brewing the tea bag in boiling milk of your choice. Personally, I think it’s so tasty that I’ve gone through litres of milk and I now prefer it to my daily hot chocolate, simply because it’s less sweet. Just be careful with your clothes though as the turmeric is bright yellow and has a tendency to stain!

My Golden Moments of 2017

Yogi Tea Turmeric Chai

The best time to enjoy this tea is in the ‘Golden Hour’ – that beautiful hour shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. The Golden Hour is always the best for taking photos, since the light is always so beautiful and the sky is filled with all sorts of pink and purple hues.

Yogi Tea invited me to sit back and think back on my #GoldenMoments of 2017 and when I look back, it has been quite the year. First of all, 2017 was the year I turned 30. I spent my birthday in the south of France, which is one of my favourite places in the world. I explored the French Riviera with Turner Barr of American Travel Blogger, introducing him to places such as Juan Les Pins, Nice, Monaco and Cap Ferrat. Turning 30 wasn’t scary at all for me, in fact I welcomed leaving my 20s behind and being one year wiser.

Hotel Belle Rives Juan les Pins Review

Prior to that I spent 3 months in Seattle, USA, which I loved and it soon felt like home. A highlight was definitely taking the water taxi from West Seattle to downtown and snapping incredible pictures of the Space Needle and the city skyline. I went to my first ever baseball game watching the Seattle Mariners and I got to go inside Concorde at the Museum of Flight. I also went to Palm Springs and SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, so it was quite the adventure.

In August I went to Antigua for Carnival, where I got to experience days of parties and parades. It was a unique experience and the costumes were spectacular! I experienced many Golden Hours during my trip, including waking up at the crack of dawn to see the j’ouvert parade. Sadly, shortly after my trip Antigua was flattened by Hurricane Irma but I’ve read reports that thankfully the island is recovering and back open for business.

Perhaps the biggest of my #GoldenMoments was quitting alcohol this year – I’ve been teetotal since August. I stopped because I was getting terrible hangovers and I found that alcohol seemed to disturb my sleep and make me less productive. It was a personal challenge that I really wanted to achieve and I’m pleased to say that I’ve got to the point where I don’t even want a drink. I can happily go to a restaurant or bar with friends and just order a non-alcoholic ginger beer and still have plenty of fun. In fact, I’m less tired, so I can stay out longer and then still go home and have enough energy to do some work.

Share your golden moments

Yogi Tea Range

What are your #GoldenMoments of this year? I’d love to hear where you’ve been, what places you’ve visited and what milestones you’ve achieved this year! Perhaps you got a degree or took up a new class? Perhaps you reconnected with someone you haven’t seen in a long time or you started a new business venture? Tell me what you’ve been up to! You can leave a comment below or share yours on social media with the hashtag #GoldenMoments and tagging Yogi Tea!

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This post was sponsored by Yogi Tea but all opinions are my own. I genuinely love this product!

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