Reasons to Fly into Amsterdam At Least Once in your Life

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If you are planning to travel this year, then adding Amsterdam to your bucket list is certainly a wise decision to make. There is something oh-so special about this place, that it promises you a great time and a lot of memories. 

From its variety in food and restaurants to a wide range of museums and the famous canals; this worldwide famous destination deserves to be visited at least once in your life. And if you are planning to do so, then now is the time to book your tickets with Cathay Pacific to get it all done, within no time. 

Why is Amsterdam Worth a Visit?

So what makes Amsterdam a popular destination for the majority? There is no doubt about the fact that it has a lot to offer and we are about to find it out together. 

The Beautiful Canals:

Yes, this has to be the first reason to fly into Amsterdam. The canals have an undying beauty which magnetizes almost everyone. The canals are more than a hundred meters long and are one of the best ways to explore the city, with style and aesthetics. This canal started back in the 17th century. However, now, these are used as a major sightseeing commute for tourists. It adds a hint of sparkle to everything that surrounds the canals, making it more fascinating. 


If you are someone who admires architecture, then Amsterdam won’t disappoint you at all. The traditional gables decorating the houses are an insight to history. They are not only ancient but are referred to as a traditional architectural design. 

Not only this, Amsterdam has also enhanced in this field a lot. Their modern architectural design approach is a reflection of their growth and development. It has ditched the skyscrapers and has opted for an organic development. With apartments and homes booming with style, Amsterdam never fails to impress, in the way that it juggles traditional and modern design. 

The Perfect Coffee:

If you are addicted to caffeine then you will fall in love with Amsterdam, all the more. It is a perfect spot for coffee lovers as you get the best caffeine fix here. The stylish cafes, each barista has a unique cup of coffee to offer. And the desserts that come along, are nothing but a delight for your sweet tooth. We highly recommend De Jonge Admiraal. This place has the best iced coffee and the furniture makes it stand out. 

Lose yourself in the City:

If you don’t lose yourself in the passageways and streets of this city, did you really visit Amsterdam? The stress of this place is nothing but magical. And if you love taking photos, then you won;t be disappointed by the aesthetics you get here. Explore the city madly. Lose yourself into it, to discover the best possible shops, monuments and cafes. You will be surprised at how many new places you bump into, just going along the way. 

Step into Partying:

Never step out of Amsterdam without enjoying a good party. This city is famous for its party life. You get a large variety of clubs in Leidseplein. From Sugar Factory to Chicago Social Club; you can have the time of your life here. The nightlife of Amsterdam is a major topic of the town, around the world. Many people visit this city, specifically, to experience it. It is time to turn into a party animal if you are visiting Amsterdam anytime soon. 

Experience the Multicultural:

Amsterdam has an extremely rich colonial history. It is booming with culture that seeps through the Dutch life. There is a lot to explore in this city, especially if you love to discover facts about different cultures. From temples in Chinatown to the perfect Turkish grocery store; every other spot you visit, has a different culture to showcase. It is wonderful to experience different cultures, residing under one roof. 

Enjoy the Green Spaces:

Yes, this place is not usually associated with its green spaces. But on a good sunny day, there is nothing better than soaking in the sun, in a park. The Vondelpark offers large green spaces, offering a visually pleasing sight to the eyes. The lush green drapes add to the beauty of this park, making it very calming for the mind. If you are wanting to sit back and relax for a day while you are in this bustling city, then enjoying the greenery at a park is certainly a great way to do so. You can also try the wooded parkland of Amsertdam Bos. 

When is the Right Time to Visit Amsterdam? 

Amsterdam is a tourist friendly place and it can be quite rushy at some times. As the peak summer time begins, tourism is at its high. If you are someone who wishes to explore the city without much hustle and bustle, then visiting right before or after the peak tourism months will be the best for you. 

You can visit it between April to May or September to November. 

Tourists love pouring in during summer and winter time exclusively. The crowd is quite less during the mid seasons and months. Depending upon your preferences, you can plan your vacation. 


Traveling is a breather that almost everyone needs, once in a blue moon. However, choosing the right place to visit can be a confusing decision to make. But,Amsterdam really never fails to impress you. If you are planning to have fun, explore culture and also have some calm time; then this city is all you need. And oh, don’t forget the cup of wonderful coffees it has to offer. 

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