Quick trips you can take from Manchester Airport

Work, family, and weather can all wear on us. When this happens, travel can do wonders for the soul. As England’s second city, Manchester Airport serves destinations across Europe, Asia, and North America.

What if you can only get away for a couple of days? Fortunately, a plethora of charming city breaks lies within a two-hour flight of MAN. Below, we’ll show you how easy it is to escape your daily routine, if only for a weekend.

Where can I go from Manchester?

As the biggest airport in the UK, London Heathrow sucks up all the attention. Despite this, Manchester International Airport offers Northerners a surprising number of direct flights to destinations around the world.

Many impressive city breaks lie within a two-hour flight of Manchester. Let’s review a few below.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Crisscrossed by more than 160 canals, Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North. It was largely spared bombing in the Second World War, preserving its distinctive Dutch architecture. From fine arts museums to some of the best nightlife in Europe, this atmospheric city has something to offer for almost everyone. 

Berlin, Germany – Since Reunification, Berlin has experienced a cultural Renaissance. Despite being the capital, Berlin remains cheaper than most other German cities. This made the city into a creative haven, spawning art galleries, street art, live theatre, and eclectic festivals. Its history is also an attraction – from the Berliner Dom to the Berlin Wall, its past will captivate you. So if you are someone who is into such cultural and historical places. This can be one of the near-by places that you can have a stop-over for the weekend and enjoy.

The French Riviera – Need some sunshine? The French Riviera has plenty, even during the winter months. This destination gets soaked with over 2,900 hours of sunshine/year – 1,000 hours more than the national average. With delightful beaches and excellent shopping/dining, you can enjoy the perfect weekend here, no matter the time of year. A place to surely take off the load from previous week and also get you ready for the coming week.

With dozens of destinations reachable within two hours, you’ll be able to satisfy your travel habit without wearing yourself out. So, get your list and start marking the places as per your needs and requirements, without having to put a burden on your budget and health. 

Getting there

Don’t waste a second of your limited free time – once you’re off work, get to the airport quickly. 

Don’t own a car? Book a taxi to Manchester Airport instead. In normal traffic, it’ll take you about 20 minutes to get from the city centre to Manchester airport departures lounge. At rush hour, you’ll want to take the train, as this mode of transport won’t sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Unless you have booked your Manchester airport taxi with a professional and known company. 

The terminal

After checking in with your airline, proceed to security. If you’ve given yourself enough time, these queues will merely be an annoyance. However, by pre-purchasing Security FastTrack passes, you can avoid missing your flight if you’re late. At only £5/pass, they could be a lifesaver.

Upon reaching airside, slide into holiday mode by checking into an airport lounge. At Manchester Airport, two offer pay access – Escape Lounges and the 1903 Lounge. From £21/person, you’ll have access to a hot/cold buffet, a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks, quiet zones, and blazing fast Wi-Fi.

Do keep an eye on their flight information screens, though – you have a flight to catch, after all!       

Coming home

After a refreshing weekend away, you’ll want your return to be seamless. Start by pre-purchasing Passport Control FastTrack passes. Like the security passes, these provide an expedited queue that will make your return to the UK faster.

After picking up your bags link up with the different meet and greet manchester airport services providing companies present there. In-case if you don’t have a car? Hire a Manchester Airport taxi service as they provide door-to-door service straight from arrivals to your home.

The answers to all your question are always there and the bottom line is that if you feel tired and in need of a break. Do not hold yourself back most of the popular destinations are just a few hours away from Manchester.

All you need to do is get yourself prepared, do the needful for your trip and off you go. Make sure you do let us know how all that went once you are back home safe and sound. Wishing you all the very best for your trip. 

Victoria Brewood
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