Pura Vida Costa Rica: A Photo Diary

If I had to choose one word to describe Costa Rica, it would be ‘green’. I’ve never seen somewhere so green. Covered in lush forest, the country is the perfect place for getting in touch with nature and during the week I was there I saw a number of wild animals, including sloths, monkeys, caymans, sea turtles and all kinds of exotic birds. A common Costa Rican phrase is ‘pura vida’ which has a variety of different meanings depending on who you talk to- but it basically means ‘pure life’. The people here get up early in the morning and are tucked up in bed not long after sunset. This is the place to relax, detox and really take care of your body. It’s all about hot springs, wildlife-spotting, hiking, beaches, yoga, healthy eating, and friendly people.

I travelled around Costa Rica for a week taking part in a video for Minube with Iain from Mallory on Travel and Camille from This American Girl. Armed with a Lumix G6 supplied by Panasonic, I set out to capture the essence of Pura Vida and these are some of my favourite images.

Costa Rica G6-17

Costa Rica G6-38

Costa Rica G6-65

Costa Rica G6-275

Costa Rica G6-290

Costa Rica G6-306

Costa Rica G6-324

Costa Rica G6-338

Costa Rica G6-352

Costa Rica G6-377

Costa Rica G6-403

Costa Rica G6-440

Costa Rica G6-531

Costa Rica G6-633

Costa Rica G6-715

Costa Rica G6-802

Want to take photos like this? All the above pictures were shot on my new Panasonic G6. Panasonic make some brilliant and compact interchangeable lens cameras; visit http://lumixgtheone.panasonic.co.uk/ to find out which Lumix G is for you!

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