28 Jan Private Jet Travel: Is it Worth the Splurge?

Over the last few years, the outlook for private jet travel has been very promising. With an ever-growing private jet charter marketplace, there has been a substantial rise in demand for private jets tours and specifically, large private jet tours to far-flung and adventurous tourist destinations around the world. With overall growth in the industry, more travelers are showing interest in private jet travel.


But the question is: is it really worth the splurge? Below, we find out when traveling in a private jet to your favorite destination is worth it.

When It’s Comparable to Commercial First Class

Yes, not all private jet charters are beyond your means. According to Jettly, a leading private jet rental company, most people are mistaken when it comes to pricing for private jet charters, especially for major city travels. A round-trip flight to destinations like New York and Miami in a private jet can cost as little as $6000.

There are many private jet charter companies offering comparable round-trip pricing to commercial first class prices. Instead of booking six seats on a first-class commercial flight for your family, how about you book a private jet and have a more luxurious experience? The key to finding more affordable pricing for private jet charters is comparing prices and booking early.

When Your Destination Has No Airline or Limited Service

There are destinations where commercial flights simply don’t work, or are quite inconvenient for your traveling plans. Frequent travelers cite Amangiri in Utah as one great example. It’s quite difficult to get there. Travelers have the option of either flying to Phoenix or Vegas and drive up to five hours, or opt for a mid-range private jet charter for a shorter trip.

Private jets get you closer to your destination than commercial flights would. This is because they have access to a wider network of smaller and often remote airfields. Whatever the options, most private jet charter companies offer a concierge-style service, ensuring ultimate comfort, convenience and flexibility throughout your trip.

When You Need to Make Multiple Stops Within a Short Timeframe 

Most travelers who opt for private jet charters do so because of the convenience it offers. With saved time and little hassle involved, private jet charters are ideal when you want to make multiple stops along the way within a short timeframe. In fact, there are more and more companies in the tour industry, including 5-star hotels offering around-the-world private jet tours with frequent stops in some of the top tourist destinations. 

When You Want to Avoid Airport Hassle

Traveling can be expensive, so saving as much time as you can to enjoy your trip is advisable. You don’t want to waste valuable time in security lines and to deal with airport drudgery when you can fly on a private jet and reach your destination much faster. You don’t have to worry about getting to the airport too early or dealing with long luggage checks.

With private jet charters, you simply show up, park by the plane, show your ID and get on the plane for your trip. Even when traveling to an international destination, the customs process is usually much smoother as most private jet charter companies will handle the paperwork for you and provide a detailed itinerary of what to expect.

The Bottomline

Private jet travels are no doubt becoming more popular as travelers look for more exclusive and luxurious ways to travel to various destinations around the world. With the current private jet travel trends and the direction they’re heading, travelers should even expect more private jet options with added value such as lower rates for long-range flights and more luxury.

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