Portugal’s Boutique Hostels: The Best Hostels I’ve Ever Seen


I’m going to put it out there…I really do think that the hostels in Portugal are the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in. At least, from the countries I’ve been to so far, they are the best I’ve seen.

Take your ordinary perceptions of hostels and chuck them out of the window, because Portuguese hostels are trendy and downright luxurious. Like it or not, you’re instantly catapulted from backpacker to flashpacker- the standard of hostels in Portugal is incredible. Think flat screen TVs, comfy beds with super soft duvets, and kitchens that look like they’ve come straight out of an Ikea showroom.

To prove my point, check out photos from exhibit A, Dixo’s Oporto Hostel in Porto:

Dixio's Oporto Hostel Female Bathrooms

Dixo's Oporto Hostel Kitchen, Porto, Portugal

Dixo's Oporto Hostel private bedroom in Porto, Portugal

Dixo's Oporto Hostel Dining Room, Porto, Portugal

Dixo's Oporto Hostel Living Room, Porto, Portugal

View from Terrace of Dixo's Oporto Hostel, Porto, Portugal

Bunk beds at Dixo's Oporto Hostel, Porto, Portugal

If that’s not enough to persuade you, take exhibit B, Rossio Patio Hostel in Lisbon. This one has its own indoor patio complete with bean bags and plants….and what’s more, it’s inside a beautiful train station! All you have to do is walk out the door and hop on a train to Sintra for the day.

Rossio Patio Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

Rossio Train Station, Lisbon

Last but not least there’s exhibit C, the Living Lounge Hostel in Lisbon. This one is by far the most luxurious hostel I’ve parked my backpack in. For 9 euros you can have a three course meal specially prepared by their in-house chef, and there’s even a cocktail bar serving refreshing mojitos.

Licing Lounge Hostel, Lisbon

Living Lounge Hostel Kitchen, Lisbon

Living Lounge Hostel Cocktail Bar, Lisbon, Portugal

Victoria Brewood

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  • James Cook
    Posted at 13:28h, 07 September Reply

    I was so shocked by the hostels in Portugal. I only went to Lisbon but they were incredible. I stayed at one called Home and it was the best hostel I have ever stayed at.

    • victoria
      Posted at 23:53h, 10 September Reply

      I think everyone I have spoken to who has been to Lisbon has stayed in a different hostel, but all have said it was the nicest hostel they ever stayed at!

  • Amanda
    Posted at 11:51h, 08 September Reply

    Okay, now I wanna go just because of these hostels. Great post! I love the ease, simplicity and affordibility of hostels.

  • Kathrynne Johnson
    Posted at 07:11h, 16 May Reply

    Oh yes, Portugal and Lisbon in particular are ahead of the hostel game!! It’s so great to see such quality hostels out there, but it puts British hostels to shame. Thanks for the post!

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