10 Jaw-Dropping Photos of the Plitvice Lakes

This summer I made one of my dreams come true. If you read my 30 Things To Do Before 30 list, you’ll see that the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia is on my list of things to do within the next 3 years. On Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest I had seen so many stunning images of these turquoise blue lakes and waterfalls that I just had to see them for myself.

Well I finally did it and flew out to Zadar in Croatia, where I booked a tour to see them in real life!

I know a lot of people put off seeing the things on their bucket list because they feel like they don’t have enough money. Well satisfying your life long dreams doesn’t have to cost the Earth. I booked a £40 flight with Ryanair from Manchester to Zadar and stayed at the Drunken Monkey hostel which is up there with some of the best hostels I’ve stayed at! You can get to the Plitvice Lakes by public bus from many major towns in Croatia, but I decided to book a shared door-to-door transfer through the hostel, which seemed more convenient and meant I would meet some other travellers. The driver was super friendly, dropped us right at the Plitvice Lakes National Park and even directed us to an alternate ticket desk, meaning we were able to avoid the long queues!

For the next few hours we explored the park via boats, trams and wooden walkways. It was magical and I’ve never seen water that colour before! It was so clear I could see all the fish swimming around beneath the surface. We were definitely fortunate with the weather- about half way through the day the sun came out enabling me to capture these glorious photos.

So I can happily confirm, yes Plitvice Lakes is just like you see in those Pinterest pictures.

Plitvice Lakes-153

Plitvice Lakes-97

Plitvice Lakes-1

Plitvice Lakes-147

Plitvice Lakes-67

Plitvice Lakes-99

Plitvice Lakes-65

Plitvice Lakes-104

Plitvice Lakes-70

Plitvice Lakes-87


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