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When I started travelling solo back in 2008, the thing I loved most was the element of adventure. I never knew who I was going to meet or where I was going to end up.

Back then I travelled without a laptop and I had to visit an Internet cafe if I wanted to check my Facebook. I didn’t have a smartphone and there was no way I could order an Uber or book a hotel through an app.

But nowadays with so much information available on the Internet, travel has lost the element of surprise. Before I go abroad I find myself spending hours and hours looking at reviews on TripAdvisor, scrolling through my Instagram feed for inspiration and organising every single element of my trip before I go.

There’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes I can’t help but think I’m causing myself extra stress, instead of just going with the flow. When I arrive at a new destination I’m not as excited anymore because I’ve already seen thousands of photos online already. I’ve watched YouTube videos, I’ve read articles…it’s almost like I could have just imagined what it would be like without even setting foot on a plane.

A Spanish company called Mirumplan is actually seeking to change all this by offering surprise trips to Spain. The idea is simple: you choose the level of surprise you like, then they’ll organise an exciting trip for you. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the journey! If you’d like to visit Spain and you’re open to trying something new, this could be a great way to see a side of Spain you may not see if you planned your own trip.

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Introducing Mirumplan

Andalucia Spain

Mirumplan is a Spanish Travel startup that has been accelerated by the first Spanish Accelerator: Business Booster. The company’s main focus is to change tourism as we know it by bringing the element of surprise back into travel.

These days we’re so focused on finding destinations, comparing prices, looking for restaurant reviews and controlling every little detail of our trip. Mirumplan believes this is spoiling the mystique of travelling, so they’ve started offering surprise trip to Spain.

When you book a Mirumplan, your travel is organised by Spanish Travel Advisors, who will introduce you to incredible Spanish experiences that you may not have thought of on your own.

Forget the stress and hassle of organising your own trip and instead, focus on just going with the flow and experiencing it.

A Mirumplan includes: Flight Tickets + Accomodation + Authentic Experiences + Personalized Guidebook = 100%Surprise.

Price: From 250€/p.p (3 days)

How it works

Booking a mystery trip with Mirumplan is quite simple. All you need to do is:

1) Choose the level of mystery you would like to your trip.

2) Select your travel dates and the type of Mirumplan you prefer (eg. Adventure & Sport, Romantic, Cultural, Gastronomic, Relax, Wellness…).

3) Fill out the short and quick questionnaire (Any allergies, any things they should know etc).

4) Book your Mirumplan. You can contact them any time either by email or phone/whatsapp. When everything is clear, you are ready to book it!

5) Mirumplan will start to send you clues and relevant information regarding your trip, such as the weather forecast, items to pack, features of the accommodation, and typical food. The destination, hotel, experiences, however, will  remain a secret until you travel.

6) In addition, you’ll receive a personalized guidebook of the destination with recommendations of restaurants, activities, spectacles, exhibitions, historical and cultural data, etc. Last but not least, you’ll have free access to Mirum-planners along the way (7 days a week).

As previously mentioned, if you don’t like too much surprise, then you have the ability to choose different packages depending on the level of mystery you want, from the option to know the destination at the airport to being surprised with authentic experiences, such as a sunset in Cape Finisterre – a place that was considered the end of World until the discovery of America.

2 Great Reasons to Book a Mirumplan Now

Surprise trip to Spain

1) If you book your Mirumplan before the 30th of September, 2017 you’ll be entered into a draw to win a full refund of the price of your Mirumplan. All you have to do is book your Mirumplan, then share this article mentioning @Mirumplan and using the hashtags: #mirumplantravel #mirumplanenjoy #mirumplanrespect.

2) The year 2017 has been declared by the United Nations as International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and September 27th will be International Tourism Day. To celebrate, Mirumplan will donate € 20 for each Mirumplan booked before the end of September. Join this good cause while enjoying a wonderful journey through Spain.

Want to enjoy a unique experience in Spain? If you don’t mind letting someone else plan your trip then Mirumplan is a great way to try something new. Just visit for more info.

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  • Zascha
    Posted at 01:41h, 31 August Reply

    This seem really fantastic! Sometimes we spent way too much time thinking and planning and in the end we don’t enjoy traveling as much as we wanted to or nothing goes the way we planned so is nice to take a moment and just go with the flow. Excellent post!!

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