Places to see on a tour of Central Europe

Europe may still be the most popular continent in the world for travel, but it isn’t the cost effective destination it once was. From France to the Netherlands, prices have soared in recent decades, making things tough for budget travellers.

Fortunately, Central Europe offers many of the attractions the West does, but at prices that are much more reasonable. Below, we’ll lay out an itinerary which will help you make the most of your time in this magical part of the continent.

1) Berlin

Start your Central European trip in Berlin. Just a generation ago, it was a symbol of the Cold War between West and East – today, it is a cultural hub, as its affordability relative to the rest of Western Europe has given artists from across the continent a place to call home.

Nowhere is more clear than at the East Side Gallery – here, sjilled muralists have used the largest remaining segment of the Berlin Wall as an outdoor art gallery, painting compositions which both reference the tough times of decades past and modern pop/political culture.

Elsewhere, you’ll find flea markets where various bibs and bobs can be purchased, restaurants which serve up international cuisine from around the globe at accessible prices, and museums where the past comes alive.

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2) Munich

Whilst this city may be famous for Oktoberfest, the beer-soaked two week festival which happens annually in late September into October, Munich has so much more to offer than that. Start in Marienplatz, this city’s historic town square which was meticulously reconstructed after being bombed to the pavement in the Second World War.

After you have admired the architecture found there, move on to the Asam Church, a privately built church which is considered to be a masterpiece of Bavarian architecture

Inside, you’ll bear witness to incredibly detailed frescoes, expertly carved pillars, and brilliant trim – whilst many attractions charge questionable amounts for entry, you’ll be glad you paid the entry fee in this instance.

3) Vienna

Following your time in Munich, jump across Germany’s southern border to Austria. Take several days to enjoy the mountains, then make your way to Vienna. Culture enthusiasts will adore this city, as it is filled to the brim with gorgeous palaces, museums, and opera houses.

The Schönbrunn Palace should top your list, as this 1,400 room manor was once home to House Habsburg. Whilst its many rooms will keep you busy all day, don’t neglect to check out the gardens either, as it has numerous features like fountains, faux Roman ruins and what is claimed to be the oldest in the world.

When darkness falls, put on your best duds and head to the State Opera House. Here, plays, orchestras, and operas are performed on a regular basis. Check to see what shows are playing when you arrive, and pick up tickets early to ensure your seat is reserved.

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  • Mutlu
    Posted at 08:51h, 12 July Reply

    Vienna and Munich are fantastic. I fell in love with the countryside in Bavaria but I am not sure about Berlin. I stayed in Mitte and there was nowhere open to grab a pint after 6 pm 🙁

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