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Pixter Review: Wide Angle Photos on a Smartphone

Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus, which provides phenomenal image quality, I’ve started to rely more and more on my iPhone for Instagram photos. It’s much lighter and more portable than my Sony a7, so it’s the camera I always have on me. You can get stock photos online at eyeem.com which is a great site.

But even the iPhone has limitations – for instance the ability to have a wide angle/fisheye type effect. For a long time I’d thought about purchasing some special smartphone lenses but I never quite got around to it.

But then I had the opportunity to test out Pixter – a company that makes several different types of clip on lenses for smartphones.

I tried out the wide angle smartphone lens that allows you to considerably widen the camera’s field of view. Thanks to the converging optical system on this lens, you can capture 2.65 times more elements  than you would ordinarily be able to do.

Pixter Travel Kit

The lens comes with a Pixter Clip, cleaning cloth, lens cap for front and back, and a small carry pouch.

I also got to test a Pixter Flexible Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control, that comes inside the travel kit. Usually the travel kit comes with a Pixter Wide Angle Lens Pro, which is designed to take landscapes or restricted indoor shots without any distortion. The Pro version is equipped with a steel case that contains 5 maximum clarity polarized lenses, which are anti-reflective and guarantee an excellent transmission of light.

How Pixter Works

Pixter Smartphone Lens

The Pixter Clip is especially designed to work on the front and back cameras of your smartphone, and the silicone grip ensures the best possible clamping whilst protecting the surface.

All I had to do remove the lens caps, clip it to my camera lens, then wiggle it around to make sure it was in the right place. It feels incredibly well made and stays in place securely.

Pixter Smartphone Travel Kit

These are some of the features of the lens:

  • Viewing angle 160°
  • Equivalent to 16mm on a 35mm format
  • Very high transparency optics
  • Aluminium case
  • Polarized & anti-reflective treated glass
  • Shock and scratch resistant


Wide Angle Photos on a Smartphone

Pixter Review - Wide Angle Lens for smartphone

On my trip to New York City I found the lens to be a brilliant addition to my photography kit. It’s light, it’s portable and it allowed me to take incredible photos of the Manhattan skyline and Central Park. I also found it really useful for taking pictures of the compact New York hotel rooms, since you can fit so much more in to the frame.

Pixter Before and After

Pixter Wide Angle Smartphone Lens

Pixter Wide Angle

It’s always a bit frustrating when you’re trying to take a selfie or a group shot and you cut someone out of the shot, but with a wide angle lens you don’t have this problem. Instead of trying to stretch your arm as far as possible, you can simply hold the camera at normal range and you’ll still get everything in shot.

Pixter Wide Angle Lens

The tripod and bluetooth remote in the travel kit also make it really useful for taking remote pictures. You can bend the legs to a tree or a pole, or simply rest it on a table or ledge, then snap the perfect shot. It feels really sturdy too, so you don’t have to worry about your phone falling out. All you have to do is lift the lever and put your phone into place.

All in all I really like using the Pixter lens for travel – it takes some really cool pictures that are perfect for Instagram!

The Pixter travel kit currently costs €64.90 and is available here: https://pixter.fr/en/packs/38-travel-pack

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  1. I tested a similar kind of Wide angle lens with my phone, but that was cheaper. It was of around $7. Not sure if Pixter is available in my country. Will try to get to chekck.

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