Packing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Guide To Preparing For Your Winter Sun Getaway

As we move into winter and its familiar sounds of chattering teeth and the endless pulling on-and-off of jumpers and scarves, many of us start to dreamily think back on our summer holidays. The prospect of sandy beaches and care-free sunshine-filled days might seem light years away, but it really needn’t. With so many amazing last minute deals out there on flights to exotic destinations, the only thing holding you back should be your imagination.

Pick your destination and get packing

Depending on how deep your purse strings are and how much time you have, deciding upon a destination can prove quite tricky. For anyone looking for truly skin-scorching temperatures during the winter months, you’ll have to head south to places on or below to equator. Alternatively, if the chance of a cloudy afternoon or a spot of rain here and there doesn’t put you off, then southern European cities like Athens and Barcelona might just do the trick. Take a look at this previous post for inspiration before booking your tickets.

Although it might sometimes feel like choosing where to go and where to stay are the most important decisions that booking a holiday involves, we all really know that packing is where things get truly tricky. To help you with navigating this problem, we’ve come up with these four simple rules to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

Accessories for every occasion

Even if your summer clothes have long been packed away in a cupboard not to see the light of day until next June, accessories are easy and on-hand. Although you might have forgotten just how bright the sun can get, believe us: your eyes and your skin have not. Make sure to pack some ultra-chic sunglasses, like these offerings from Celine along with a wide-brimmed hat for days spent strolling city streets or relaxing on the beach. A statement necklace or pair of earrings can immediately give your outfit a new lease of life, so are perfect for those looking to keep their luggage cabin-bag friendly and to a minimum.

A warm layer

Ok, so I know the whole point of the winter getaway was to escape the cold, but don’t get so excited by the prospect that you don’t take any warm clothing at all! Remember that depending upon where you are in the world temperatures can vary dramatically between day and night times. A cardigan or simple pashmina or wrap should suffice in warmer climes, but a jumper or jacket may be required for those staying in Europe. This rule also applies to your feet: be sure to take at least one pair of closed toe shoes in case it rains.

Loose fabrics

It’s easy to forget in sub-zero temperatures how uncomfortable cheap nylon fabrics and too-tight waistlines can be during the height of summer. As such, rather than simply grabbing items which look bright and fun, consider instead clothes that will be loose and comfortable should humidity be high. Cotton kaftans and wide-leg trousers are perfect for days out-and-about when you want to stay reasonably covered up but remain looking chic and stylish. Linen, rayon and silk are all breathable fabrics that work well in high temperatures.

Sun cream and beach clothes

It sounds silly to say, but the number of people who have jetted off for their wonderful beach holiday only to realise upon arrival that they’d left their bikini at home is too many. Double and triple check that you’ve packed your swimwear and beach towels if you need them, and arguably most importantly: don’t forget your sun cream. Due to the earth’s tilt, some places experience far higher sun intensity than we are used to, making us much more susceptible to burning while there. Take precautions to ensure you are protected as a nasty sunburn could really ruin your holiday!

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