New To Australia – The Aussie Lifestyle Guide!

Whether you are planning your upcoming trip to Australia or you are getting ready to move there indefinitely for a new career opportunity, or as a personal decision, you have reached the right page. There are many “must-see” sights in Australia but if you are planning on staying for a while it’s also a good idea to know a little bit about the Aussies themselves. In this article we are going to try to introduce you to the “Aussie” lifestyle. You may think of Kangaroos but the Aussie lifestyle is really about enjoying life and making the most of what the amazing country has to offer! 

Easy Going and Loving Their Leisure Time

Aussies are known for being easy going and for their love for leisure time. Both probably have something to do with the great weather all year long. Australians certainly know how to throw a spontaneous barbecue party in the backyard when friends suddenly show up uninvited. Aussies are very open to strangers and when they say “no worries mate” they mean it. Their welcoming attitude is genuine and greeting everyone is something you should learn quickly. Their friendly attitude may come from the fact that Australians spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s sunbathing on one of their gorgeous beaches or camping into the wild. Enjoying their leisure time is very important and Aussies prefer to do it together. 

They Have The Perfect Weather

No matter if you plan on moving up north or in the south, you are going to discover nice weather all year round. Given the large size of the country, you should expect some climate differences from one area to the other. For example, you will find summers with rather mild temperatures and rainy winters in the south and a tropical climate with hot summers in the north. With this climate outdoor activities can be done all year around. The Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest both offer endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Going to the beach is a lifestyle in Australia and you should adapt to the Australian way of wearing sun protection from top to toe. 

Aussies Love Their Sports And Pokies

You may not be a sports or gaming fan yourself but both are big in Australia so if you happen to be a big sports fan, Australia is definitely heaven on Earth for you. Sport is very important, especially if we are talking about domestic Aussie Rules Football (also called Footy), rugby, cricket, tennis or horse racing. You will come across plenty of Aussies who have joined a sporting club just for making new acquaintances. If you happen to share their passion for sports, this will be an excellent door opener for you. Engage in a conversation about last night’s AFL match with a colleague at your new job and you will quickly become friends. Online sports betting and gambling is also big in Australia and the same goes for offline gaming. It’s not like in Vegas where you will see one casino after the other, in Aussies you will see “pokies”. You will be surprised to discover just how many slots machines you will find here. Australians call them pokies and, according to 2017 data, the country had the largest number of pokies per person on the planet, besides Monaco and Macau. The figures spoke about close to 200,000 poker machines. That’s one for every 14 individuals. You will see them everywhere, even pubs and clubs host pokies. 

Expect Delicious Food

Australia is the land of multiculturalism thanks to its rich heritage. This means you can expect to try out delicious food from all corners of the world in the numerous takeaway food shops, restaurants or coffee shops (you must try their delicious pavlova!). If you love a good curry or you just need your strong espresso in the morning, Australia is the place to be. The immigrants that have turned the country into their home over the years have also brought their tasty recipes along. No matter what foods you might be a sucker for, you’ll find it here. Of course, the country also has its own cuisine and culinary habits and you can’t come here without tasting the famous Tim Tams, lamingtons, damper or meat pie.

Events, Shopping and Festivals

Being friendly and easy going, it’s no surprise that the Aussies take every opportunity they get to enjoy an event or festival. Even shopping is fun in Australia. You will have a pleasant surprise to see that all major cities and towns here have set up their own department stores, supermarkets, discount stores along with chain retailers and even small boutiques selling high-end jewellery. Whether you are into outdoor shopping or old school shopping at the mall, you will find everything you need here and a bit more. Just keep in mind most shopping centres in crowded big city areas are usually open for business from 9 to 5, all week long. Some centres run late-night services on Thursdays or Fridays. Don’t be surprised to see lots of shops closed on the weekend. Nonetheless, there are plenty of 24/7 convenience stores that never close for emergency or last-minute shopping. If you plan on moving to Australia from the US, you will be glad to know there are plenty of Target and Kmart stores, as well as Coles or David Jones.

So what about the Kangaroos and the Sydney Opera House? These important Australian icons are good symbols of the Aussie lifestyle that is really about being friendly and respectful to the diversity of the country. Enjoy your stay in Australia and before you know it, “no worries mate” and “how ya going?” will be part of your natural vocabulary! 

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