My Personalised Phone Case!

Last year I decided to switch things up and get the white iPhone 8 Plus. For years I had gone with black, because black goes with everything and it matches well with a black case. But one thing I’d noticed is that my eyes felt tired all the time; white makes the screen look expansive, while black draws your eyes in.

So I bought a white iPhone, which looks stunning without a case, but sadly iPhones have a habit of breaking when dropped. A case is therefore essential, which is a shame as the iPhone looks STUNNING when naked. But why fork out £799 on a new smartphone if the screen is going to end up smashed in the first 5 minutes?

I originally opted for a cheap clear case that exposes that beautiful glass back. Unfortunately it discoloured pretty quickly, so I was soon in the market for a new iPhone case.

Personalised Phone Case

My Personalised Case offers personalised phone cases that come in a variety of materials and styles, including hard cases, 3D hard cases, silicone cases, tough cases, wood cases and wallet cases. They don’t just cover iPhones; you can make a personalised case for pretty much any type of phone on the market.

iPhone Case Personalised

I opted for a white silicone case and chose to use one of my favourite pictures of New York from my Instagram profile! It was really easy to use – all I had to do was pick my accessory, choose an image and customise it! Delivery was super speedy too so I didn’t have to wait long. For £14.95 I have a super cool iPhone case with my own photography. I have to say I’m really impressed with the quality and I love the white on white look at the front. I’m really funny about iPhone cases – I like everything to match and can’t handle different colours around the edge.

Personalised iPhone Case

This case isn’t just some cheap tatty case that will fall apart. It feels of high quality and has a lovely glossy sheen to it. The case also has really elegant cutouts around the volume buttons, the on/off switch and the speakers and lightning input.

Overall I’m really happy with my new case and it’s a great way to showcase my photography!

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