07 Mar My Blue Planet Bucket List

As I’ve been so busy travelling and blogging, I’ve only just got a chance to catch up on the BBC’s awesome Blue Planet 2. For those of you who don’t know it’s a series hosted by David Attenborough that shows amazing sea creature with loads of fascinating facts about them and great camera shots. It really inspired me and as I’d already written about African Safaris and blogged about all the amazing animals I’ve seen on my travels, that got me thinking about the ocean and what weird and cool creatures I’d like to see in real life. Here’s my Blue Planet bucket list!

  1. Blob Fish (Australasia)

This fish became famous as a meme due to its sad, clownish blobby face. The Blue Planet team really missed a chance here to show this adorable animal for real though. In its native habitat at the bottom of the ocean, the blob fish looks normal as the water pressure keeps its jelly-like body in shape. However, when it’s caught in deep see trawler nets, all that rises to the surface is a rubbery sad face.

  1. Glow In The Dark Turtles (Solomon Islands)

We all know turtles (the ones with the fins, not the feet) but did you know they can glow in the dark? Recently, one was filmed glowing green in the Solomon Islands. On further investigation it became apparent it was actually bioluminescent algae that made their home on the creature’s shell. But, what are you going to say “Wow, look! A turtle covered in bioluminescent algae!” OR “Wow, a glowing turtle!”?

  1. Blind River Dolphins (Indus River)

Blind dolphins live in the Indus River between Pakistan and India. It may not be surprising to learn that these guys are on the brink of extinction. Supposedly, the clue why is in the name… They are also pinkish in colour making them pretty cute but this may not be enough to save them as human pollution and construction on their habitat is causing them their numbers to plummet.

  1. Parrotfish (Coral Reefs)

Parrot Fish

These guys not only get their name due to their beak but also the vast array of colours they come in, not unlike their namesakes. There are almost a hundred types of this beautiful fish found throughout reefs in various oceans around the world. In addition, these slippery customers cover themselves in mucus at night. Basically, they sleep in a slimy protective cocoon of their own drool and snot.

  1. Manatees (Florida to Brazil)

I’ve already swam with seals in Australia but I’d love to get up close to a Manatee! Also called the sea cow, it’s hard to imagine many sailors used to call them mermaids as well when first discovered. Looking more like a big floating, grey pebble from above, these grazers are a great way to de-stress as you watch them bob along happy and graceful. Mostly found around the Florida coast, just don’t go looking for them in a speedboat as that’s how most of them get killed off.

  1. Axolotl (Mexico City)


Looking more like a Mudkip Pokémon than an actual, real-life animal due to retaining its thrills and gills from newt form, this quirky little amphibian hangs around Mexico City. Also known as the mole salamander, the best way to spot this little guy and his mates depends on which form you want to see. Most of them fail to reach their full adult form and stay in the shallows in their larval state their whole lives. The adults are found on dry land but are not quite as interesting.

  1. Ice worms (Alaska)

The jet black relative of the common earthworm you’ll find in your back garden. Hidden in the glacial ice of Alaska, Ice Worms can incredibly only survive at temperatures below freezing- any warmer and then literally melt, along with the water around them.

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