28 Feb Must-Have Items for Travelling

When it comes to travelling, especially for the first time, it can feel a little overwhelming. You’ll have to think about the different things you need to buy or bring. If you don’t list them down and plan properly, you’ll be bound to overpack.


To help you out, here are basic must-have items for travelling.


The Perfect Luggage


The first major thing you need to have is the right kind of luggage. There are different kinds to consider depending on your needs. There’s the rolling luggage, which is perfect for paved roads and sidewalks. Four-wheeled luggage is even better as it helps to keep the weight off your wrist and make dragging it a breeze.


Then there’s the duffel bag and backpack, which don’t have wheels but offer you better hands-free mobility. If you’re looking for a balance of that and wheels, you can get a wheeled backpack instead.


Lastly, if you’re going for a short trip, you can opt for carry-on luggage, which helps you save time and money, as you avoid having to pay fees for checking in luggage.


Weather-Appropriate Clothes


If you’re the type to just throw whatever clothes inside your luggage, chances are you’ll end up with excess baggage. You may also pack extra stuff that you don’t actually need. To sort out the basics, make a packing list of items you will need. Keep in mind the season you’re travelling in.


Some of the basics will include T-shirts, tank tops, or lightweight clothing that you can layer if you’re traveling somewhere with cooler weather. You’ll need pants or shorts, but make sure that you’re not disrespecting the culture of the place you’re going to. Don’t wear shorts when temple-hopping in Thailand, for example.


Rounding up the list are scarves, sleepwear, jacket (opt for a thicker one for winter), socks, underwear, rain jacket, swimwear (for tropical places and beaches), dresses, and comfortable walking shoes or boots.


Toiletry and Emergency Kits


To keep your toiletries organized, put them inside one pouch. Or if you find one that has a built-in loop, you can hang it on the hooks found at the back of the door. If you don’t have any check-in luggage, make sure your toiletry kit or bag is TSA-compliant.


Transfer liquids like shampoo or lotion into 100 mL bottles, and put them in a clear small zip-top bag. The zipper should be water-resistant. You can review the TSA rules regarding what you can pack in your carry-on luggage.


If you’re traveling internationally, check the health bulletin of the country you’re going to. You may need to get a flu shot or other vaccines before you can fly there. Bring basic first aid items like bandages and gauze.

Don’t forget your prescription medicine (if you have any) and basic medicines for fever, colds, diarrhea, allergies, and motion sickness (if applicable). A bonus would be insect repellents, multivitamins, sunscreen, and cooling gel for sunburn relief.

Tech and Entertainment

Another must is your mobile phone, where you can store maps that will help you navigate unfamiliar terrain. If you own an iPhone, put it in a durable case for added protection. Having a wallet case in particular is a great item for travelling.

If you don’t like playing game apps, bring a book instead, and read while you wait for your flight.

Lastly, don’t forget your camera so you can capture wonderful moments you want to preserve from your travels. Of course, using your mobile phone camera can work too.

Keep Calm, and Travel Light

The point of your travel is to relax and have fun. If you don’t have the right travel items with you, you may end up getting stressed out over little things, like walking around with heavy luggage. That being said, take only what you really need.

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