Motorbike accident- You haven’t lived in Bali till you’ve had one!

Blog accident

So I finally gave in and got myself a motorbike…the car was getting too expensive and I wanted the challenge of learning to ride it. I started out in my friend’s parking lot and then gradually drove down the street. Every day I would venture a little further in Seminyak wearing my nice baby pink helmet.

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Until finally I decided to take the plunge and drive to a pool party in Bingin. After driving for an hour down the freeway, I was almost at my friends’ house, thinking how proud I was of myself driving all that way. Then I breaked. On gravel.

100m away from their house, I came off my bike and it fell on top of my legs. And this my friends is the result. You haven’t lived in Bali till you’ve had a motorbike accident.


Luckily a car pulled up next to me and pulled the bike off me as it was crushing my legs and an Aussie guy pulled up and insisted we go to the BMIC hospital. Now I’m probably not the most sensible person, but I don’t have travel insurance because I’m away for such a long period of time and I didn’t want to fork out a bunch of money. I looked down at my foot which had a hole in it and was covered in blood and I couldn’t decide what to do for the best.

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So instead we drove to my brilliant friend Brian Swan’s house and he came with me to the local doctor in Bingin village- it happened to be the doctors day off and he soon sorted me out for a grand total of $30. That’s the great thing about Bali, you can be in and out in five minutes and it costs you nothing at all. I saved myself the long wait in the hospital, the forms and the expensive medical bills.

My doctor Made poured some hydrogen peroxide on my wounds as Brian told me “at least its not your face!” I probably wasn’t the best patient for a while as I yelled through the cleaning of my wounds but Brian had a great sense of humour and after a while we were joking around taking video and photos of the damage.”Your flip flops look like evidence from the OJ Simpson trial” he laughed.

flip flops

I lost mainly large areas of skin on my legs and I had a hole in my foot which they couldnt stitch up because it was to the bone, so instead he injected me with anaesthetic, cut the skin off, cleaned it out and I was on my way. Before the day was up I was sipping Jack & cokes in my bikini by the Swan’s beautiful swimming pool!

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