Most Popular Sports Among Students Around the World

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It is widely agreed that sport is considered to be an essential part of peoples’ lives. Some people play it professionally. Others are amateurs. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to connect your life with sport or not, and the sport may well help you to develop your discipline, social links, and physical state. However, with digital technologies, people, especially youth, are lacking in physical exercises, which, in turn, leads to severe ailments in the future. These days students are highly encouraged to do sports in educational institutions, being motivated by a variety of aspects, such as scholarships, several tournaments, etc.

What is more, not only do students sport in terms of physical engagement, they also have homework assignments regarding sports, preparing a speech, for instance. Needless to say that there are a plethora of controversial sports topics, students even can buy custom essays online one may be asked to make, which can be related to some specific sports. In order to give a clear picture of the most popular sports, have a look at the list that has been designed down below.


Rugby is suggested to be a major sport in South Africa, Australia, UK, France. Moreover, it is gaining its popularity in Western Europe for the reason that the climate is being appropriate to play Rugby throughout the year. Interestingly enough, Rugby World Cup is a huge global event, where the attendance steps up to over two million across all games and countries. To illustrate, in India, it is agreed to be a fast-growing sport as various Indian sport-clubs are starting to robustly advance the conditions to play the game. Upon further research, it becomes apparent that there are more than seven million people playing Rugby globally, of whom approximately half of the number is youth (children and students).


This sport is believed to be the most popular one in the UK. Soccer and cricket are historically the most beloved ones among British students. However, not only is cricket the most valued by the English, but it also becomes famous around the world. For instance, it has now become immensely attractive in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and many more. Cricket has become the most entertaining sport in college and university campuses, and even in associated or general meetings. 


As to soccer, indubitably, it sits on top of the sporting arena in almost all European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, etc. Needless to say that in South America, soccer is much more than a sport, as it is deeply rooted in culture and represents dreams of making a career. Hence, every kid and student pursues becoming an outstanding soccer player. According to the most prominent sport critiques, journals, and overall resources, soccer is played by relatively 250 million players in approximately 200 countries, and the FIFA World Cup is generally agreed to be the most-watched sports competition across the universe. 


The Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA) evaluates a minimum of 450 million people who play this sport around the globe. It is an extremely prominent sport in the US and China, as well as South America and Continental Europe, which, in turn, makes it the most played globally. For instance, in the US, people have always been playing basketball, especially students, who nurtured basketball and have been promoting and advancing such a sport since the 19th century. Nowadays, students from different schools, colleges, and universities of the US proudly represent the sport by joining clubs and winning a variety of competitions. The National Basketball Association (NBA) – a men’s professional basketball league that covers North America; it is a top-notch professional basketball league in the world in terms of competition, the overall organization of tournaments, prize pools, and broadcasting. Each country that is involved in an extensive basketball play provides financing for the game among the young generation, as well as men and women. Plus, various government institutions have basketball teams, who work and play for the organizations.


Research empirically identified that there are about 800 million people who play volleyball at least as an amateur, once per week. As to the location, it is generally agreed that people from Western Europe like Spain and Portugal consider volleyball as their most admired sport. Aside from that, North America and India let in this sport some time ago, and now the sport has an estimated universal following of one billion fans. When it comes to branches of volleyball institutions, it has over 200 affiliated national federations. The game, as mentioned above, is exceptionally prominent in schools and colleges in India and becomes more popular day-by-day by countries like the US, Germany, France, and Canada. Moreover, it is well-advised to be one of the best group sports, having plenty of benefits in terms of overall health (joints, legs, muscles).


Even though tennis requires to be played on a specific surface, it is performed by an estimated 60 million men and women around the globe, which means that its popularity is growing exponentially. Besides, there is a diversity of variations of playing tennis, and doubles gain its recognition rapidly. Meaning that not only do people play traditional tennis, but they also are very much interested in different methods of playing the game. It is mostly played by students in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. As to the latter, it would be reasonable to admit that in the US, tennis is predominantly played by girls and women.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of sports that are played by people of all ages, requiring using different parts of the body, following different rules, and so forth. When it comes to students, usually they prefer dynamic sports for the reason of their capability of brisk and sudden movements, a good state of health, and unprecedented coordination. Thus, the most favored sports among students around the world are Rugby, cricket, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

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