Most Beautiful Villages in Ireland

Lush hills skirting the country, a pristine Atlantic coastline bordering it and medieval castles enhancing the charm of the cities — Ireland is gorgeous and how!

The Emerald Isle has time and again wooed people with its unspoiled scenery. And the culture of Ireland is riveting as well, which clearly shows its influence on food, people and festivals. The country doesn’t play second fiddle when it comes to living life to the fullest. And, that’s quite prominent in the pub culture that Ireland brims with. The museums and art galleries are a great way to dig in to the history and marvels of the nation. And, one can take a peek at it every turn of the corner.

Mostly, everyone stays hooked to these grand attractive features of Ireland. And honestly, they are great. But, in all this, what easily slips away from the attention of most travelers are its picturesque villages. Ireland has some of the most charming villages in the world and just a glimpse of it is enough to make you fall in love with it. So, book cheap flights to Ireland and feast your eyes on the simpler beauty of the villages.

Cong, Mayo

An island village, Cong sits pretty on the border between County Galway and County Mayo. The village is formed by several streams that come together in Cong resulting in a land mass. Which is why, the Irish name of the village, Cúnga Fheichín translates to convergence of rivers. The village has been blessed with a literary background as father of Oscar Wilde, Sir William Wilde, hailed from Cong. The village has a very laidback atmosphere where you can always steal some moments day dreaming as you amble through its streets.

Derrynane, Kerry

Located on the Iveragh Peninsula, Derrynane is a village that traces its roots back to the ancient days. A Stone Age portal dolmen from about 3000 B.C. graces the land of Derrynane and testifies to the historical roots of the village. And, not just that but several other historical vestiges from about 2000 B.C. are also found in the village. And, all these ancient artifacts find their link to the Beaker people who are known for mining copper during the Bronze Age. But, history is not the only thing that is worth exploring in this village. A boat ride to the Skellig Islands shall bestow you with some amazing vistas.

Adare, Limerick

Perched on the banks of River Maigue, Adare is a village whose beauty is unrivaled. The village has time and again been labelled as one of the most beautiful villages in Ireland. And, you will know why once you take a look at it. The charming Irish and English styled cottages dotting the village amidst verdant expanse and dwindling streets make for one postcard beauty. The village beams with a historical past as it once served as the marketplace during the Middle Ages. And, that explains the orderliness of the village setting.

Westport, Mayo

Westport has been awarded with the title of being the tidiest town on several occasions. And, it truly is in its entirety. The cheerful vibe of the village takes over everyone in a jiffy. The colorful artisan shops call for attention and you can have all the perks of urban life, minus the chaos. Yes, the pubs, cafés and restaurants ensure a phenomenal gourmet experience with enough space and time to delve in to conversations with your friends and family. The village befriends the shores of the Atlantic inlet of Clew Bay and this gorgeous backdrop wins big.

Kinsale, Cork

A yachting harbor, Kinsale is all about magnificent sceneries stretching as far as your eyes can reach. The colorful façade of the village lures people to bask in its cheery vibes. The winding alleyways and streets are dotted with bars, restaurants, art galleries and gift shops. A staggeringly beautiful harbor that is dominated by a 17th century fortress and yachts shall give you a pleasant time away from the hustle and bustle of life. The authentic flavors of the village have often made it a celebrated name amongst foodies and you must not miss out on having your own stellar experience of dinning in Kinsale.

Kenmare, Kerry

With the Irish name of Kenmare translating in to “little nest,” the village is a quaint place to enjoy a cup of coffee, read your favorite novel and hum that classic in your head. Yes, the village has that relaxing vibe. Though the village finds its origins in 1670, it still looks as fresh as a daisy with its unspoiled, riveting beauty. The historical, cultural and environmental significance of the village has earned it the title of “Kerry’s first Heritage Town.” With a magical setting that looks out to mountains on all sides and a deep bay by its side, there is absolutely nothing that isn’t fabulous about this village.

Sneem, Kerry

Located on the Ring of Kerry, Sneem is one charming village that is brimming with natural wonders. With mountains on one side and a rugged coast on the other, the village is an escape in to serenity. A relaxed way of living encapsulates the village giving you enough time to reverie. Speckling the length and breadth of the village are traditional buildings, restaurants, cafés, pubs, and craft shops painted brightly in different hues. The Sneem River running through the village divides it in to two and lends it an allure that is every bit picturesque.

Howth, Dublin

Visiting Dublin is exploring the best of Ireland. But, it would be just half an experience if you don’t venture further to explore the quaint fishing village of Howth. With a lighthouse, an old abbey, and a castle, the village stands out with its retro beauty. The brightly colored buildings are an added touch up to the already mystifying beauty of the village. Other than that, the history of the village keeps visitors hooked. And, the pub and food culture of Howth is the cherry on the cake. So, start your search for best flight deals to Ireland and let this spectacular village win your heart for life.

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