Montreal, an Incredible City Bursting with Character and Life

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Canada has some fun and lively cities, but Montreal must be at the top of the list. The most populous city in la belle province, Montreal features the energy of its young university crowd, artists galore, and plenty of refinements. 

Get lost and wander around until you stumble into a happening café or a delicious restaurant. It may be common to associate Montreal with winter, but it’s really a beautiful and enjoyable place to be in the fall. Please read on for some killer tips to have a great time without breaking the bank. 

Travel There Cheaper 

Getting to the airport is cheaper than it used to be, thanks to a new model that essentially makes airport parking a fraction of what it used to cost. Now, you can reserve parking at Montreal Airport online and book a spot at a neighbouring parking lot. This new model works whether you’re there already looking to go on vacation elsewhere or you’re visiting Montreal since it’s available in over 75 airports in North America. 

All you need to do is show your reservation to the attendant, then board the free shuttle to your terminal. Enjoy the familiarity of being in your own car and stop relying on cabs and Uber drivers to get to where you’re going. 

Eat, Eat, Eat

Montreal has delicious high-end food, but tons of cheaper offerings will satisfy your cravings. From staples like Montreal-style bagels from St-Viateur or Fairmount to smoked meat from Schwarz’s or Lester’s, you don’t need to spend a fortune to eat like a king. 

Montreal has a wide range of restaurants, so don’t feel like you need the prefix “Montreal-style” before whatever you’re looking to eat. It’s a multicultural city with delicious food from around the world.  

Music is in the Air

If you love jazz, the Festival international de Jazz de Montreal takes place September 15-19, and it’s a wonderful way to see elite musicians. But stroll around and stumble on street musicians, buskers, and the stages at local restaurants where musicians with surprisingly good chops bear their souls.

Montreal has very affordable rents compared to other large Canadian cities, which helps attract artists of all types. Take advantage of this by looking for a music venue near where you’re staying, but don’t be surprised if you accidentally hear some great live tunes playing where you happen to be.

Walk and Shop

Montreal is full of bustling places to people watch and gaze at nature, like Mount Royal Park, the Botanical Garden, and Old Montreal’s Port, to name a few. From street fashion at thrift stores to high-end boutiques and everything in between, Montreal has stylish clothes aplenty you can find for very reasonable prices.

Who isn’t eager to roam around and explore a new place after spending so long indoors at home? Ensure to follow up-to-date safety precautions surrounding travel and COVID-19, and keep the above tips in mind for an affordable and exciting vacation.

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