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Minimalist Versions of Everyday Travel Items

The average home contains far more items than you could ever take travelling with you, but luckily many of these items are unnecessary. If the UK piled up all its unused shoes, it would reach almost 30,000 miles into space – that’s further than the Earth’s circumference! At home we love to hoard items, but on the road you need to fit everything into a suitcase or backpack. If you’re the kind of person who needs to bring everything, then check out if there’s a lightweight or smaller version of each item. A minimalist alternative will provide all the functionality, with none of the weight. Use the products listed below to boost mobility, enabling you to tick more off your bucket list.

Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

For many travellers, a laptop is essential, but it is often the heaviest item in the bag. Even with modern technology, a standard 15” computer can really weigh you down. If you are serious about travelling long term and need a laptop for work, then consider a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet.

Products like the Surface Pro are essentially tablets that are as powerful as laptops. A lightweight keyboard allows you to type as usual and doubles as a cover. Downgrading to a 12” will be worth it when you feel the weight difference.

The Swimmer’s Towel

Many travellers will have encountered the microfibre travel towel. This is a great alternative to your normal bulky towel that you use at home. However, it still takes up a fair amount of space.

If you get a swimmer’s towel, you’ll have something barely the size of a face towel which can easily dry your whole body. Simply wring it out and it’s dry enough to put back in your suitcase. Sure, you can’t wrap it around your waist on lie on it on the beach, but it does the job and you won’t even notice it in your bag.

Pocket-Sized Blanket

Minimalism has so many benefits, but sometimes there are items you wish you could keep but simply don’t have the space for. A regular blanket is usually impossible to take on the road, but pocket blankets for your travels could be the answer. These can be used for a clean place to sit or keep you warm when camping. Either way, it takes up almost no space and offers enormous value.

Being smart with your product choices is the key to being a light packer. You can bring all the same items, but save on space and weight. This will help you to travel further without getting tired and give you access to more adventures.

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