Make the Most Out of Your Vacation: 7 Hidden Gems of Bali

When it comes to breathtaking vacation destinations, Bali is the first that comes to the mind of every avid traveler. And with its picture-perfect beaches and the colorful culture that the Balinese people have, this comes as no surprise. But Bali has a lot more to offer, than the popular, yet crowded beaches and tourist attractions. Follow this guide to discover seven hidden gems of Bali, for a one-of-a-kind vacation. 

Taman Festival

An old entertainment park that was abandoned in 2000 by the owner, when he became bankrupt, and was reconquered by nature in all its forms. Trees and plants are growing everywhere, through broken glass and ruins. If you look carefully, you may even get the chance to see a Biawak, a large lizard species that took shelter amongst the graffiti-decorated buildings or some bats sleeping on the ceilings of the old buildings.

Although it was designed as an amusement park, the place might be a bit unsuited for children now. While the place might look a bit frightening, especially due to the wild nature growing everywhere, giving the impression of an abandoned town. The entrance fee is equal to $1, pretty fair price, right?

Thomas Beach

Although it was, for a long time, quite a well-kept secret from the tourists’ eyes, Thomas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali and both locals and tourists can agree with that. The crystal-clear water is almost always calm and perfect for swimming and the long stretch of sands makes it feel less crowded than most beaches on the island. 

Because it is quite secluded, there is no marked pathway leading to the beach. It is located halfway between Padang Padang and Uluwatu and, if you want to get there, all you have to do is head to Suka Espresso café and follow the dirt path opposite the café. Keep in mind that the path is quite tough to walk and even tougher when you have to come back, but this hidden gem is worth it. 

Balian Beach 

Another beach that was kept off the beaten path is Balian Beach, half a mile south of Lalang-Linggah. “Balian” means “sacred” in the native language, and sacred is exactly what this beach is. With jet-black volcanic sands, only a few little cafes and a place to rent surf boards, Balian Beach has become the favorite of surfers who want to stay out of the touristy area. The beach is also perfect to watch fishermen cast their nets near the river mouth when the tide is low. 

Although Balian is quite a small village, there are plenty of things to do, when you get tired of laying by the beach all day. You can try yoga, enjoy a few cocktails and even make a pilgrimage to one of the lesser-known temples in Bali, Purah Rambat Siwi. 


A small valley on the east side of the island, Sidemen is known for the rich agriculture, with rice fields and lush, green hills, perfect if you want to get out of the Bali Indonesia hotels 5 star and enjoy nature at its finest. It’s a 45-minute drive from Ubud to Sidemen, but the quiet and tourist-free area is worth the time. 

Probably the most breath-taking view you can have is the beautiful Mount Agung, the highest mountain on the island. Sidemen is not exactly suited for people who are looking for a busy nightlife, but it is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature and take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere. You can take walks, hike, enjoy a nice massage and brink plenty of fresh juice. 

Yeh Leh Beach

Another unusual beach, Yeh Leh beach is located just on the edge of the highway that connects Denpasar and Jembrana and it is definitely not your typical beach. Instead of fine-grained sands, you will discover some quite unusual rocks whose origins, despite being around for hundreds of years, not many people know about. The visitors are in for quite a surprise when exploring Yeh Leh Beach, as on the north side, you will see a river flowing, while on the south side, there is a small sandy beach. 

The internet has made this beach quite popular amongst photographers, who will not miss the opportunity to snap a photo of what is, perhaps, the most beautiful sunset in Bali. The reddish sunset light falls perfectly on the shining rocks and gives the place a mystic feeling.  

Suluban Cave

BALI, INDONESIA – 24 September, 2017: Unidentified surfers at Balangan beach, Bali.

Suluban Beach is one of the best surfing spots in Bali, but the real treasure of the area is the cave surrounding the coast. The coast is only accessible by following a long stairway that will take you down to what feels like a set from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. 

Although the place is quite famous around surfers, the beach is not as crowded as Nusa Dua beach or Seminyak Beach. This allows visitors to swim, sunbathe or simply explore the surroundings quite unbothered by crowds. 

Sukawati Canyon

After you catch a glimpse of the beauty of the Suykawati Canyon, you will understand why this is the ultimate adventure for visitors. The canyon is hidden in the lush forests of Bali and, in order to fully explore it, you will have to pass some rivers and climb quite a few rocks, but the destination is definitely worth it. 

The walls of the canyon have been beautifully shaped by nature and, if you look good enough, you can see various faces portraying different emotions on the walls, or so they say. The best way to explore the canyon is by walking barefoot through the water, so no hiking boots needed. 

The three-hour trek to discover the secret canyon is going to feel less scary if you take a guide, not to mention that, on some areas, it is better to have someone that can advise you where it’s safe to step. Remember to wear shorts, as the water in some places might be fairly deep. 

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