Majorca The Balearic Island you have to Visit

Head east from the Spanish city of Valencia and you will arrive at the beautiful Balearic island of Majorca. The island offers glimpses into the past, golden beaches, iconic landmarks, together with local and branded shopping and vibrant nightlife.

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Once the logistics are sorted you’re free to explore.

Puig Major

Puig Major is the highest reachable point on Majorca and is part of the UNESCO protected Tramuntana Mountain Range. Most iconic landmarks within the mountain range run off the MA-10. Simply trek along this road and you’ll soon see signs to the tallest mountain in Majorca. Once at the top the views across the valleys to the ocean are spectacular. Make sure you have your cameras or phones ready for one of the most magnificent selfies you will ever take.

Sa Calobra

The village of Sa Calobra is near the port town of Soller. To reach Sa Calobra you can either get the ferry or train to Soller or descend the hairpins to reach the town from the Tramuntana Mountain Range.

Sa Calobra is a quirky town that is packed full of quaint arty shops and places to eat. It also has a deliciously secluded beach and bay which is a favourite of families. A visit here is a really pleasant afternoon.

If you do get the chance to take the train to Soller incidentally, it is quite an adventure as it treks through tunnels in mountains to get you to the village.

Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor is the most northern point of Majorca. It is said by locals to be the meeting points of the winds. Once you take the drive out you will find the Cap Formentor lighthouse which is an iconic landmark in Majorca.

The views here are quite breathtaking as you can look along the rugged peninsulas of the island as well as out to sea.


Alcudia is now two towns in one. You have the newer town with bars, cafes, and shops, and the marina where yachts are moored and a lot of sunbathing occurs. As well as spending a few hours here you can also walk around the old town where evidence of long-dead civilisations can be found. This includes Roman fortifications and Moorish narrow streets. It is something to behold and it feels like walking back in time.

Shops in the old town tend to be quirkier and individual than the more branded offerings elsewhere.


Pollenca is a beautiful part of Majorca with architecture dating back centuries and narrow streets. It has been described as beautiful and few could disagree. The buildings tend to be made of stone and this makes watching the sunset from the main square that little bit special. As you can imagine there is a lot of history to immerse yourself in as well as shopping, and sampling of local restaurants and bars. There is something here to suit all tastes.

While  in Pollenca you may want to:

  • Església del Calvari – This is a hilltop chapel that to reach you climb 365 steps to reach. This is a pilgrimage route with some doing it on their knees. If you’re going for the view this is still quite a trek. Make sure you’re ready for spectacular views, however, once you reach the top. You can see all the way to the Tramuntana Mountain Range looking across a sea of terracotta-roofed houses.
  • The chapel is lovely and the café is just what you need after the trek.
  • Museu de Pollenca – Head towards the 7th-century baroque cloister of the Convent de Sant Domingo and you will find the Museum of Pollenca. The museum has some real treasures. At the entrance, you will see pottery from the ages while upstairs you will discover modern and contemporary art. The standout piece is the Buddhist Kalachakra mandala created from coloured grains of sand.

Palma de Majorca

Palma de Majorca is the island’s capital city and is feature packed with attractions, history, restaurants and bars. It is a place of wonder and a hum of activity.

Some of the gems to see include:

  • La Seu Cathedral – This gothic masterpiece was constructed under the reign of King James II and is both dominate and beautiful. This should be top of your list for any visit to the city.
  • Casco Antiguo – Just behind the cathedral are vibrant and quaint streets that are simply too narrow for cars. Here, you will find quirky shops and places to eat. It is an experience.
  • Bellver Castle – Bellver Castle has been a royal palace, a prison and these days is an iconic landmark and museum. Completes any visit to Majorca.
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