Looking for a paradise European beach vacation? Sitges is a perfect destination

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If you are a fan of European countries and prefer to recharge your batteries in a warm and temperate climate, then Sitges, Spain is just the perfect getaway. 

This Mediterranean town is located within 30 minutes of Barcelona and is definitely one of the top tourist vacation spots. It attracts visitors with ancient architecture, plenty of museums and galleries, numerous traditional seafood restaurants and night out bars. The world-known Sitges Carnaval and Film Festival take place there. You can really have a chance to see your favorite movie star close up. Just book a ticket to Sitges and your dream will be fulfilled.

Still, whatever this town offers, the beach holiday is the most admired here. Compared to other European beach towns, Sitges boasts the greatest number of ones located in such a relatively small area. So everyone can find the beach type to his own preferences.

The following list introduces the top 8 beaches for every taste. Let’s decide what your cup of tea is!

Urban beaches

If you would love sunbathing and swimming with a view of the unique architecture – choose the next Sitges beaches and kill two birds with one stone. 

Sant Sebastia Beach

It is the most glorious urban beach awarded with a blue flag. You may take your kids, even toddlers without any hesitation on such a European beach vacation, because water quality, safety measures and facilities are of high standards. Sant Sebastia was acknowledged as the best world urban beach according to the New York Times. It is a sheer mixture of incredible nature and comfort, so even overcrowding in July and August can’t spoil it. 

  • Location: the town center.
  • Size: 205 m in length and 20 m in width.
  • Services: showers and public toilets, checkrooms, rental umbrellas and deck chairs, area for the disabled, parking lot.
  • Entertainment: refreshment stand with drinks and ice-cream, restaurants and beach bars, sports area, children zone, including the playground just next to the beach.

Ribera Beach

This atmospheric spot with crystal-clear water and soft sand is one of the largest Sitges cores. It is located in the very center and is easily reached both on foot and by car thus it is an ideal place for family tourists. The area of 260 meters long and 36 meters wide provides visitors with all necessary facilities such as showers, toilets, sunshades and hammocks. It will also be a perfect choice for active recreation since the beach is fitted with a great sports space and has a sailing school.

Fragata Beach

The space length of 85 meters and width of 35 meters is situated below the famous Church of San Bartolome and in front of the Plaza de la Fragata. It is of a downtown type ensuring only basic services such as showers and toilets. Awning, umbrellas and sun loungers will still be charged. Holidaymakers who adore volleyball and yachting should certainly visit this beach. 40 meters of playing pieces and a yacht club are waiting for sports-obsessed vacationers. Kids will also have fun trying different trampolines and mini golf. There is only one minus – no access for disabled people.

Family beaches

Be sure, it is possible to chill out while being a parent. We recommend the forthcoming options as the best Europe beach destinations. There your little ones may release all their energy while you will be resting your soul and body.

Barra Beach

Looking for a picturesque landscape? That’s it. Sea, sand and dikes are joined here drawing a heart. The beach is simply accessible by car, bus or on foot. It is known for its calm water that perfectly suits children swimming. The small island offers things like going crabbing and snorkeling around are available for kids. Parents aren’t deprived of entertainment too. They may drink delicious cocktails in the ‘Sausalito Beach Bar’ which is considered to be the finest in Sitges or dance to the DJ’s tracks.

  • Location: a 20-minute walk from the center.
  • Size: 390 m long and 25 m wide.
  • Services: showers, toilets, rescue equipment, rental sunshades, loungers, pedal boats.

Aiguadolc Beach

Surrounded by mountains, this place is superb for a quiet family vacation. The beach is behind the Sitges port and hardly ever gets crowded. That is why nudists sometimes choose it, although it isn’t of such a purpose. The 145 meters long and 20 meters wide space is equipped with showers, toilets, umbrellas and paid services such as beach bars, restaurants, lifeguards, pedal boats and the disabled access ramps. This spot is a godsend for surfing and snorkeling lovers.

Riera Xica Beach

If you are a massage adherent, it is a perfect match. The Riera Xica is famous for its ‘Alberto Beach’ club with diverse massage services that help to tone the body and reduce muscle tension. People with a sedentary work lifestyle seek to get there. There are toilets, showers, umbrellas and awnings at your disposal. Two beach bars and nautical activities including surfing, kayaking and jet skiing will entertain both parents and children. This magnificent place is in the Stiges residential area and occupies 320 meters in length and 18 meters in width. It has a Biosphere certificate that confirms the high quality of tourist facilities presented there.

Nudist beaches

Do you hate sunbathing in stripes? If so, these two spectacular beaches are a must-visit.

Cala Morisca

This gorgeous beach attracts nudists with its natural park landscapes and special location in a bay between Sitges and Garraf. The tiny space about 140 meters long and 50 meters wide guarantees unconditional comfort since it isn’t overcrowded even during a high season. Such services as toilets, showers, hammocks and a restaurant are available. Unfortunately, the beach has no handicap access. The water is crystal-clear and quite deep already near the shore thus it is better not to take little visitors. 

Beach of l’Home Mort

People who like escapism will be delighted with this place. It is also popular among gay people and is supposed to be the first gay beach in the world created in 1930. With little signposting, the best way to get there is on foot. However, remember to put on your flip flops as the beach area is covered with small stones. The absence of sand won’t prevent having fun if it is a nightclub in the neighborhood. You may attend ‘l’Atlantida’ at any moment or stay to enjoy the sun and solitude. It’s up to you.

  • Location: Roses Beach area of cliffs across 275 meters.
  • Size: 165 m in length and 10 m in width.
  • Services: toilet, umbrellas, hammocks and a beach bar.

Sitges is a resort town and lack of accommodation is just impossible here. People may find apartments according to their wealth level. If you are hesitating between a hotel and a villa, the last one is a much better option. Getting privacy, your own pool and manicured garden, services like chefs and drivers should you wish are obvious benefits. It will become a truly special experience, just give it a try!


Choosing a European beach vacation is an extremely responsible process. Before booking you should properly check the location, services that are offered, available entertainment and read feedback, of course. We are sure that Sitges will suit all your requirements and become an unforgettable adventure. Select the beach and have a nice holiday!

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