London vs Sydney

So many of my Australian friends come over to the UK capital of London to live and work for a year or two, and I often find myself wondering “Why would you choose the rain and cold over sunshine and beaches?”. Usually the answer is that they can easily find work and the city provides a great base for traveling and exploring the rest of Europe. Many of us Brits on the other hand dream of heading to the Land Down Under for barbies on the beach!

The folks over at Expedia have created this cool infographic comparing various factors in the 2 cities, including the weather, sights, eating, carnivals, shopping, and open spaces.

The main advantage that Sydney has over London is the weather. After a stint in London, you can’t expect to be leaving with a tan! Having said that, if you enjoy wearing woolly sweaters and warming your hands by the fire in a cozy pub, London has four distinct seasons and is always very festive at Christmas time.

Sydney boasts some impressive landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, but you can’t beat the history of London. When it comes to local delicacies though, I would definitely take Sydney’s rock oysters over London’s jellied eels any day!

On a summer’s day in the UK, Londoners head to the city parks such as Hyde Park, Richmond Park and Clapham Common. When the sun finally comes out, we Brits are so excited that we immediately throw on our flip flops and flock to the nearest green space! The atmosphere is always a lot of fun because we don’t get to see summer very often. However, when the sun is out in Sydney, there’s an abundance of beautiful, sandy beaches right on your doorstep where you can top up your tan and go for a surf.

Which city do you prefer? London or Sydney? Leave your comments below!


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