Testing Out the Livetrekker App in Kuala Lumpur!

When I’m travelling, one of my most important possessions is my iPhone 5. I use it to check my email, communicate with people on social media, and take beautiful photos that I can instantly share with you all. So naturally I have a lot of downloaded apps on it!

Some are for photography, some are for sending free messages to my friends, some offer downloadable travel guides, some help me book flights, and some help me organise my trips.

In Kuala Lumpur I tested out Livetrekker, an app that allows you to plot your journeys through gorgeous maps and record everything around you through photos, video and comments. You can then share your trips with your friends and family through email or social media. Best of all, your trips are stored to the cloud, so you can relive your journey any time.

Here’s a Youtube video outlining the key features of the app.

The Features

The app allows you to do 2 things:

1) If you hit discover, you can see public trips that have been recorded and submitted by other Livetrekker users.

Livetrekker App Review Screenshot- Discover

2) Secondly, you can record your own trips on your LiveTrekker account, to relive later. When you first use the app, if you want to use the “Tracker” functionality you must create a Livetrekker account, which you can access from your mobile device or online.  Simply hit “Tracker” at the bottom followed by “Start” and the app will record your route on the map through GPS. If you hit the icons to the side, you can take a photo, film a video, record a voice memo or write a comment anywhere along the way. When you’re done, hit “Stop” and name your trip. Simple!

Livetrekker App Screenshot iphone

If you have 3G you can sync your data in real time. If you’re abroad with no access to the Internet, you can go in “Setup” and just turn the connection “OFF”. You will still be able to record everything, just remember to turn it on again once you have access to WiFi for instance, to sync your data with your account on the web.

Plotting a trip in Kuala Lumpur

I tested out the app on a recent street food tour of Kuala Lumpur on the #DiscoverMalaysia blog trip. Danny Chen, the author of the book Train 2 Eat, took us on a walking tour of KL to try some of the best Malaysian cuisine and street food dishes. Since I didn’t have a local SIM card or WiFi, I didn’t have access to the Internet, so I was glad that the app works offline. I could then sync all the data as soon as I got back to my room at the Grand Hyatt. I was able to take some gorgeous photos of the yummy foods we ate, and record the atmosphere of the place through video.

Below you can see the final trip on Livetrekker:

I also tested the app on a Hop on Hop Off Tour we did of Kuala Lumpur. We boarded a bus which took us to see various sights around KL, including City Gallery, Federal Territory Mosque, Ulu Langat Lookout Point and Petaling Street. This was followed by dinner at Satay Station!

What did I like about it?

With Livetrekker I liked the way I was able to record everything I did on a map through GPS. On this particular trip I had no idea where we were going because I was being shown by somebody else. So it was nice to be able to see what route we had taken, and find the names of the places we visited. Sometimes when I come to write a blog post I can’t remember these details, so it is great that I can login to livetrekker for that information. I can simply look at the map, click on a photo, and find out exactly where I took it. I also liked the fact that I could use the app offline, because when I am traveling I often don’t have access to the Internet.

The Livetrekker app is available free for iPhone from the Apple App store or for Android on the Google Play store

Victoria Brewood

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  • Onehsancare
    Posted at 20:32h, 07 July Reply

    Didn’t it bother you that each “trip” can be no longer than 48 hours? I found this to be a significant limitation of the application, and one I was unable to discover a way to work around. Please share if you have figured out a way to work around this problem.

  • Derek Nagle
    Posted at 07:42h, 10 July Reply

    One limitation it has is that you cannot download maps to use offline when trekking. So, you either use data to refresh the maps while you trek or just record the track on an empty map that fills when you go back online. The latter is frustrating because you can’t use the app to confirm where you are.

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